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Friday, 30 September 2011

Michael brother o mine visits

My brother Michael came for a quick overnight and day stay here in the Kootenays from Edmonton. We are both distributors now for an amazing nutritional product which is derived from the moringa tree and is called Zija. I am excited to soon share this with friends etc. While here, we visited the local hotsprings, and Kaslo for lunch, then to Nelson to meet up with my friend Tanya for a beer and snacks. Here are some photos old computer will not let me access my emails so I am off today to the computer shop to remedy this situation with the new tower that my brother so graciously purchased for me yesterday, that along with the old laptop he gifted me as well, should have me computer covered....and let's hope we stay on grid with no gigantic solar flares to shift that. I enjoyed our brief time together as my brother is an amazingly positive person with big visions and dreams that he will manifest. He is also a cancer survivor, so it is good to see him well and happy on this moringa tree supplement. Much magic and much love Linda

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Love Love Love

This was my last Wednesday downtown Nelson BC market for the season and it was an awesome weather day, with lots of interesting peoples coming by my space to chat and buy goodies and just hang out with me all day. I loved this day and I have come to fully realize of late that what I most intend and desire is to be Love, to be in the Love vibrations and to radiate Light from that Love source that flows thru us all . The light from galactic core, or Hunab Ku, is blasting us now, and it feels very good actually. A friend of mine shared with me that a woman recently said, that for those of us who have been Lightworkers for many many years , it is now our time to bask in that light, and that is why as the energies intensify on our planet, we are enjoying life more. It feels like all is lightening up and it does feel quite magical. The connections, the love, the realizations, all seem to be that to stay grounded, centered and in the Love flow is the Way. That is my new moon intention, to stay in the Love vibrations, and seek peace in all my relations. May all goodness be yours this day and may Love fill your souls! Eh ma ho. Linda

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Lay Lady Lay

This morning in betwixt the new moon intentions and prayers, this old Bob Dylan song kept playing in my here it is and magic Linda! My first ever speech in grade school, I did was on this man, whose name originally was Robert Zimmerman, born in Minnesota..Hibbings if I can recall from all those many years back...and our second dog when I was growing up , a black poodle, I renamed Dylan.

A positive channelling from Suzanne

Dear Ascending Ones,

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 many of you were suddenly overtaken with total fatigue. Perhaps, you knew that it was not just your fatigue, but that it meant that something was happening in the higher levels and/or within the body of Gaia. Afterward, many of you had intense experiences of being Lightbody.

Please remember that there is no time, so "afterward" is not bound my sequential time, but by opportunity. Often, our grounded ones will experience a huge download as fatigue, but not be able to be conscious of the frequency or the meaning of that download, until they are able to be still and in a place that is safe enough for them to go into a deep state of meditation.

We wish to thank you all for your awareness and to cloak you with our unconditional love. Feel us around you now. We are on either side of you. Feel the protection that we offer. We know that you are concerned that you may not be able to totally re-enter your form after having an experience of such a high frequency and intensity. Be not concerned for we are here, as always, to assist you, our many grounded ones, with your next phase of ascension.

This next phase is grounding the high frequencies that you are experiencing into the body of Gaia.

We know that during your meditations, or even throughout your mundane life, you can receive a major download from us. However, the energy is so intense for your earth vessel that all you can do in that moment is to file that information and try to stay connected to your body. After such an experience it is difficult for you to get all the way back into your form, but you will accomplish that more easily with practice. On the other hand, none of our ascending ones will return "just" to their third dimensional form because you are all beginning to live on two (or more) realities.

Our grounded one, Suzille, first visited your second reality of life on our Starship Athena. You are now visiting and grounding your consciousness on your second parallel reality, which is life on New Earth. As you have fully grounded yourself on those two fifth dimensional realities, they will become your primary reality and 3D Earth will become your secondary reality.

What is the difference between a primary reality and secondary reality? Your primary reality and/or realities are the places where you live. Your secondary reality is the place that you visit.
Your secondary reality is the place that you visit.

Just as you now live on 3D Earth and visit the fifth dimensional realities, you will increasingly perceive yourself as living in one or several of your fifth dimensional realities and visiting 3D, but ascending, Earth.

Remember that in the fifth dimension and beyond you can easily experience more than one reality within the same moment of the NOW. Because of this fact, you can have more than one fifth dimensional primary reality.

Furthermore, ascending Earth can remain a "place where you live," while you also experience living your fifth dimensional lives.

Once you have grounded your consciousness on New Earth, you will begin the process of grounding your consciousness in the mid-fifth dimensional expression of Earth and far beyond. Your challenge while in your earth vessel is to believe that your physical reality is the illusion and ALL your fifth dimensional realities (and beyond) are your True Home. Everyone who is choosing ascension is in the midst of this process, whether or not they are aware of it, and will have this challenge.

Some of you are teachers, and it is your Mission to share your experiences with others. Documenting and sharing your experience is not everyone's Mission. Nevertheless, the process of writing down your experiences greatly assists you in totally re-entering your earth vessel at the closing of your inter-dimensional journey. We remind you all to please become fully grounded in your physical form before you go about your mundane tasks.

At first, you may experience feelings of sadness and even depression when you find your self again in the lower frequency of the third dimension. After the experience of "being fifth dimensional" it is common to feel very, as you say, "homesick." When that feeling comes into your awareness, use it as a compass to set your intentions to return Home as often as your process will allow. Everyone has his or her own unique version of the Process of Ascension. It is this vast diversity of life forms that is Gaia's signature frequency.

This diversity has caused many problems in the depths of third dimensional polarity, as the "dark" seemed to be in control. The dark polarity was in control because they function under the "Service to Self" paradigm and see no need to care for others. Therefore, they can be ruthless and cruel to what they perceive as "others."

However, their reign is soon to end. Earth and all Her inhabitants are moving into an area of Cosmic Space in which all thoughts and feelings immediately return to the sender. Therefore, if you have thoughts and feelings of love, harmony and caring for all life, that is the reality to which you will resonate.

On the other hand, if one were to have the intention of harming another, these thoughts would, instead, bring that harm onto themselves.

Therefore, dear ones, you need not worry about "others" who appear to be the dark ones. As you progress on your journey Home you will decreasingly think about "others" at all, for you will feel at ONE with all life.

Furthermore, fearful thoughts of harm, control, limitations and separations will gradually dim from your memory. Much as a loving parent will distract a child who has lost one toy with another, better toy, you will become so distracted by the beautiful reality that is being unveiled before you, that you will forget about the reality you thought you had lost. Besides, how can you lose anything when you have the power to manifest whatever you need and can visit any reality of your   choice?

On New Earth, which is much like a preparation reality before you enter the mid-fifth dimensional worlds, your needs will be met by "new technology." This new technology has actually been around for much of your "time," but the dark ones hid it from you. They had that ability then because many of our grounded ones were still "children" in their ascension process. Therefore, they had an external authority figure who was nice or not nice, and they had no control over how their authority figures treated them. This mindset is left over from the early days after the Fall of Atlantis.

Due to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the frequency of Gaia was very low then. Therefore, energy out took a long "time" to come back to the sender. Because of this delay of return energy the Law of Karma was established, so that the energy sent out would come back, even if it returned to you in another life. This was not a law just to teach the dark ones but also to assist those who chose the light. As you well know, up until very recently, one could spend their whole life in service to others and /or on an important social contribution with NO return of their loving energies. These are the ones who appeared to be so "lucky" in other incarnations.

Now, you will no longer experience death and rebirth. In your fifth dimensional and beyond realities, you will retain your form until you feel complete with the experiences of that life-expression. Then, when you feel complete with that life, you will voluntarily dis-articulate your form and return to pure consciousness. Also, you will be able to maintain a consciousness connection to more than one reality. In this manner, you can create a mosaic picture of your many ongoing adventures in form.

Before we conclude this message, we will tell you what you experienced on Saturday when you felt your overwhelming wave of exhaustion. Beloved ones, we are pleased to tell you that Gaia was able to make a huge leap in Her resonant frequency. This caused all of Her inhabitants to re-align their consciousness to be in resonance with the consciousness of Gaia. As we have just said, this higher frequency will kick many "Service to Self" persons on Earth off the Matrix. In order to stay on a reality, you need to match the resonance of that reality. Hence, those who cannot maintain Gaia's rising frequency of expression will no longer be able to adhere to Her form.

In other words, Gaia has begun her ascent into Her higher expressions of form. As you ascend with Her, there will be many expressions of darkness that will simply disappear from your reality. All you will need to DO is to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to Gaia's. And, whenever you experience a download of higher light, you will continue to share that higher light with your Mother Earth. In this manner, person and planet return to your fifth dimensional expressions together.

We will conclude our message with a message of thanksgiving from dear Gaia.

Beloved members of my planet,

I wish to send you all, human and non-human, my deepest gratitude for remaining on my form and assisting me with my ascension. You have continued to send me your love and ground your wonderful, multidimensional journeys into my body.

Furthermore, many of you could have left my body in order to continue with your personal ascension, but you have remained with me, your planet, to assist with OUR Planetary Ascension. You have all worked tirelessly to be my voice and to protect my body. I want you to know that your sacrifices have not been in vain, for your great contributions have been vital for me to begin OUR journey HOME.

With unconditional love,

Gaia, Your Mother and Your Planetary SELF


Sept.New Moon in Libra

White Wolf Mountain rock
and the Black Mt.Adams rock

Our sun shining thru the cloud cover this new moon morning.\

Rays of solar light fill our hearts today with de light!

The mother ship that Linda painted at then end of a long winter last ma ho...happy New Moon to you all...lovelight and peace be with you all ways
Today is a new moon in Libra. So before I go to make soap, I began my day in my stone medicine circle, to say prayer and set new moon intentions. I took a photo or two as the skies were so interesting with the sun behind the clouds with rays of light shining thru. This is such a cleansing time for our planet and we are very blessed to be here for the big show. Staying focused, grounded and in the LoveLight is our task at hand as every thing gets reorganized, purified and blasted with light from galactic central...Wow on this whole process. I give thanks to the many and multi-galactic star friends who are here in our skies, albeit often cloaked for their protection and our readying consciousness to accept and welcome them here. I love the benevolent star beings and in the photo with the crystals in the medicine wheel center, the big white rock is from Monka's retreat up on Wolf Mt. in the Sierra Nevadas, and the volcanic black round rock, is from Mt.Adams, another major portal for the starships that come and go , over the sacred land of Eceti, and on in to the mountain. I marvel at my life, and how many wondrous starships I have been blessed to witness and all the downloads as well from my stellar family. All I can say is Eh ma ho! And so it is.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love is all we need!

In these intensifying energetic times on our planet...aka..EARTH CH CH CH CHANGES...I really felt to post some music about it came to me tonight, who else but the sing to us all about love...I was blessed to be raised in the 60's, and I totally subscribed then, as I do now, to the basic tenets of love, peace and light. I loved growing up then, listening to the Beatles, wearing a buckskin jacket, with my peace symbols and bell bottomed blue jeans, love beads and bells. Not much has changed up for me , except being mostly vegan ,  I don't wear the buckskins anymore. I prefer skin to be worn by the animal who comes in it...the soul and consciousness there in. I want to be LOVE feel it, be it , send it out and receive it. And with the waves of light that are blasting our planet and our solar system and galaxy now, well , I am most confidant that we are all being bathed in Love and Light. Wow! Much magic and much love to you all...Linda

Pleidian message thru James Gilliland

Pleiadian Message For September 25th to 29th

In meditation I was told the Earth Changes are Here. They are going to move very fast between now and November upon which there will be an end to tyranny. They talk about a Universal God or consciousness that is more like a frequency and a force. It will be pressing hard upon the Earth and this entire Galaxy evoking great change. Scientists are aware of these forces, they are measurable yet most do not know how they operate or the effects they will have on humanity and the Earth. We need to let go of physical reality as being solid and fixed, it is not. Understand the basics of the vibrational continuum; which goes from consciousness to light then energy and finally mass. The physical reality we are experiencing is changing. The energies on Earth are also changing. There is more light and the root cause is consciousness. The consciousness grid we once operated on is being dismantled and a new higher consciousness and energy is taking its place. The higher beings operate at cause or at the consciousness, light and energy levels. They are far superior and knowledgeable than the controllers who operate on lesser levels, less power, love, joy and wisdom. The frequency of the consciousness of the controllers is very low and unevolved. It is locked into the ego; which is self-serving and desires power and control over others. Their consciousness and the consciousness of those they have aligned themselves with can no longer operate in the new grid. The curtain has fallen, the wizard has been exposed and the emperor has no clothes. The controllers have become disgusting even to their own peers.

As these changes move down through the vibrational continuum we will see major social, economic and eventually physical Earth Changes. There will be a quickening in the action/reaction principle or Karma. There will be a great uncovering of all actions that are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. Everything out of alignment with Unity Consciousness a great wave that is now pressing hard upon the Earth will cease. The separation game, self-serving individuals, those who desire power and wealth at any expense will not surf this wave. There is no security for them anywhere; which they are now finding to be a truth. The Earth must do what is necessary to cleanse and heal despite many of our attachments. This includes major CMEs, solar flares which are conscious. There will be erratic and severe weather and unprecedented increases in earthquake and volcanic activity. This is no longer prophecy it is science and statistics. It is a cycle and the last cycle concluded in pole shifts, continents rising and falling with a new beginning. It is time to lovingly and joyously prepare knowing as in the last shift there are those who chose not to listen, not all incarnated to make this physical shift. I was told they did not listen to the Prophets in the past for various reasons and they are not listening now for the same reasons. I was also told the elite know yet there is a difference in being clever verses wise. Clever looks out for the self, wise knows there is no self in unity consciousness. Be well.
James Gilliland

Pass it on

Yoko's 27th birthday party!

Will with the lovely lady Yoko...

Sayra and his sister Yoko

Sai and Yoko

The magic deeelicious birthday cake that Sai created for his lovely sister Yoko...Yum...

Park (Yoko's father and Mary) talking with Will's mother. Pat chatting with Wills' father)

A sweet couple who are friends of the newly engaged Will and Yoko.

Will's folks and ...Pat and her daughter , Ella, who is  visiting this week, from Germany.

Yoko and the magic cake!
Saturday evening after my market I was so blessed to attend a birthday dinner for Yoko at a Thai restaurant in Nelson. Alot of the guests were she and her fiance, Will's parents as well as friends. I am so pleased to be of the pod of friends who were there for the occasion. The laughter and the love at the celebration was amazing, and both fathers of the couple, Yoko and Will , commented to me that when they are around Yoko and Will, the energy and love is so high, and so awesome, that much magic occurrs and manifests! My feeling is that if there were more divine complements together on our planet, such as Yoko and her man Will, our world would simply be one of Love and Light and Peace and Harmony ....and some day soon it will. Until then, one can bask in the love of this magic couple, who by the way, also got engaged this weekend! The birthday cake was to live for...Yoko's brother Sai made it, from organic flour, with mango filling and pineapple frosting. Oh yum, was it yummy! Such bliss, such a fun and happy event. Much magic and much Love. Linda

Our dear friends, visiting here from Nova Scotia, Julie and her partner Glenn. A magic couple as well!

A beautiful young lady at the party.

Our dear friend Oya, the beautiful mother of the amazing Yoko and Saira!! Love you and your star  children Oya la!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Esola and Lady Clarion

Painted by Celaya Winkler...a long time ago now. Love and Magic !

Leonardo da Vinci

When I was last visiting friends in Idaho, we went to an art museum in Spokane, where there was a showing of Leonardo da Vinci paintings, inventions and some of his philosophies. It was amazing! Absoulutely brilliant this man was. I left feeling spellbound at all that he accomplished in his lifetime then.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My dog Mikki

As the energies increase on our planet and the world seems to be spiralling in so many directions, today I wanted to post my dog Mikki. She is grounded and I love her so much. She loves unconditionally and she is such a sweet and gentle elder dog. Miss Mikki is now 14 , and very slow. We still go on little outings and she retrieves the ball which she so loves to do. I will always love the four leggeds in my life for their love and devotion. I am blessed!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Think with your heart by Lauren Gorgo

“We are so delighted to be a part of something so magnificent, that which you call ascension, and what we call “homecoming”.  We say home-coming because each of you who is leading the planet to her destiny carries the activated vibration of home, of Source energy within…and though many of you have had to dim your light to fit into a world that was once unfit for such magnicifience, you are now emerging in the fullness of pure-heart radiance. Pray tell.”  -Seven Sisters of Pleiades
So much has shifted since the last update! As soon as I started to reorient myself to this new mental space, the unseens started hammering me with boatloads of information…and as long as this article will probably be, it is only 1/3 of what they have to share with all of us…compliments of the integration of the eclipse sandwich that took place back in June/July. Which sort of feels like forever ago…and yet a day.
The many multidimensional shifts that have taken place since that eclipse portal are starting to avail themselves both within the human (collective) mind and in the resulting external structures in our world.  These internal changes being felt by more of us now are breeding contempt in the collective psyche, rendering an emptiness in so many who previously felt fulfilled within the 3d dimensional paradigm structure. (think family & friends) These uncomfortable feelings now surfacing within the many sectors of human society are successfully starting to threaten all remaining global systems that continue to uphold separation over unity.

The Flowering

Just in time for the 6th day (the flowering phase of The Tree of Life), in the 11th heaven of the 9th (& final) wave of the Mayan Calendar… which ends on 10/28/11 according to Carl Calleman… and as a result of the rising discontent in those around us, the time has come for the way-showers to honor and share our deeply held & hard-earned wisdoms with more of humanity.  For those leaders of the new world who have been held back, unheard, thwarted from complete self-expression or deterred from sharing full-truth with others, your time has come. The unseens say that this group of souls has received the clarion call to come out of hiding, to stand up in personal truth with honor & integrity, to bear witness to the changes that are taking place all around us, and while holding the vastness of our wisdom and knowledge with authority, with sovereignty, but most importantly…without fail. This will mean different things to different people, but I am hearing that each of us will be tested in some way to apply the full strength of our light.
“Now, we realize that this may be a bit of a struggle for those around you…in the sense that the changes in you will require changes in all those close to you, and to that we say…be not afraid.  Be all you came here to be lest you risk losing an opportunity at magnificence. The time for shining your full light is now and you will be presented with many situations in the coming days which will require this of you. We are not saying that this will present challenges by way of discordance, but by way of displaying your inner-strength in a manner that can be definitively seen, felt and heard by others.  Many of the new leaders have been hiding behind the cloak of unworthiness for far too long, waiting for the final reconnection to your genetic excellence…for these souls, a great opening is upon you, a shift in the way you participate with your truth and display it to others.” -Seven Sisters
For those who have begun this transition into full-truth, into authentic being-ness, and are arriving on the “other-side”…a congratulations is in order!  Your world is already beginning to shift in magnificent, supportive & awe-inspiring ways. And this is just the very beginning.
The true measure of our authentic self-expression is realized by the level and amount of reciprocation from the world around us now.  Our external world is always an accurate depiction of our inner-dwelling, so as we participate with the physical world from our singular point of truth, the reflections of our light now shining back at us can be eye-opening and heart-expanding…revealing/reflecting not only the accuracy and alignment with our authentic core-selves, but the physical evidence of our unmistakable inner-beauty that has been…for so long…quashed under the weight of our self-percevied limitations.
In other words, we are being de-cloaked and as a result the outside world is beginning to see our divinity…our pure-heart radiance… because, ultimately, we are now more aligned with and operating from divine LOVE.  These experiences of being “seen”, for who we really are…and as if for the first time…can be jolting after so many years of hiding our true selves and being discounted or judged by conventional thinkers steeped in doctrine.
Coming out can be off-putting because, lets face it, we’re gun-shy…and even when we do need to use our guns, they are always cocked with a string of defenses…some from rote memory, some completely made up: like when you run into an old friend from yoga whom you haven’t seen in 5 years and after a very thorough once over, you get asked the fateful & dreaded question….“so what have YOU been up to?”  And in that very moment…you’re presented with the sobering reality that it  a b s o l u t e l y  looks like you’ve done nothing…except age…and your faced with the depressing double bind decision of…Do I lie to her, or to myself?
This is that moment when all the blood from your limbs pools in your ears, noise fades, and someone from deep within you emerges with an interesting and “creative” story about’
We’ve all been there and wondered who we can & can’t tell that we’ve actually spent the bulk of the last 5-7 years in fetal position waiting to be (re)born.
But that’s over now.  According to the unseens…no more hiding.  We are being called forth by those who need us and we will be received with love.  Not only that, but once we move past the insecurity of being judged or laughed at, the unexpected warm reception by others can spur a knee-buckling level of gratitude.
You may be noticing these true heart-based connections emerging all around you…even with strangers…a feeling that suddenly everyone’s light has been turned on.  But the truth is that these are just the reflections of our own internal light shining so brightly now that the world can finally see it.
This is how you really know when its your time to shine.  Not only because you have something to share, but because you are being beckoned to share it.

Navigating Split-Realities

“The realization that some of you are leading this brigade, and even more are following, is an important distcintion to make at this juncture.” -Seven Sisters
In the last update the unseens mentioned a changing of the guard ….”as the collective world consciousness inevitably cascades into greater levels of fear… and their overall sense of security is rocked, there will also be those of you who will be simultaneously rising to meet great success”…and they have more to share about that today.
What they want to make clear is the fact that only those who are complete in their spiritual maturation process are in the preparation period to lead.  They are saying that….“Those who will be stepping out as the beacons of light in a time of darkness will experience a vastly different reality than those just beginning to look within”, and they would like to offer some assistance with regard to handling the split in reality structures that we are beginning to witness.
This split is becoming REALLY noticeable, and it can feel alienating to not be able to relate to so many who are still living out the old-paradigm.  For that reason it is becoming increasingly more important to understand how we operate within this new perceptual field of awareness because it is tremendously different from the old.
For those stepping into leadership roles, I am hearing that there is coming a more deeply-felt sense of liberation than those around you will experience, in addition to a more visceral understanding of timelessness due to the level of expansion that this group of souls has achieved.  Juxtaposed against this reality will be those who are just beginning to awaken to their divinity, and for this group there is coming a profound shift in consciousness that will, or already has begun to rapidly deteriorate the 3d dimensional reality structure that they have been participating in.
For these peeps, and most likely it’s no one reading this, it may seem like the rug is being pulled out from under them as their whole world shifts on its axis.  Those at the front of the parade are well-versed in this matrix dismantling process and so the leaders/wayshowers will be stepping into position simultaneously as the 3d bubble begins to burst for these awakening souls.  In other words, some of you will be to the next wave what our invisible spirit guides were to us…in some cases, and depending on your role in the plan, you will be the “physical” guides who will be escorting these folk over the bridges to 5D that we have been constructing for years.
For those of you who are leading, you are coming to really know who you are and what your role is in the bigger picture now…it is becoming feeling-based…meaning, what you have “known” was true now “feels” true.  For years, this group in particular has been awakening to the greater part of themselves, the part that is here to lead humanity to its destination…but without a context to apply that information.  The sisters share with me that the context is now formed, and the result of this will be much greater clarity and a keen understanding of what we are physically here to do at this stage.
“In a sense this information is not new to you, but it may feel new…and we realize that there are those of you reading this who have little understanding or clarity around what your role is in the greater plan, and to this we say: everyone is in the process of awakening to much greater personal truth…all at different and varying levels of consciousness…and all in the perfection of the divine plan.” -Seven Sisters
Lastly, I am hearing that for the teachers of new-humanity (teaching is a very broad term), the matter of how we receive information and share it with others is changing in a big way.  The Pleiadians say that it is important to understand that there is no longer a gap between what we are here to experience and what we are here to teach.  The example that they give is if we are here to teach others about healing, there is no longer a gap between our personal state of health and the information that we teach about healing…in other words, we are stepping into embodied presence and so our own healing IS the teaching.
This means that instead of teaching from a future perspective of what “will be”, we will be teaching from presence of “I Am” or “what is”.  We are becoming integrated teachers by experience (heart) over teachers by knowledge (head) …the difference is in integration versus concept.
Time is folding in on itself and so we are finally becoming that which we are here to teach. This is pretty exciting because it means that we are anchoring into real-time awareness and are beginning to discover the many joys of operating from the realm of oneness.

Physical Happenings

“No longer is the physical body merely a space for your soul to sit in, but it is enlivened with christed-intelligence and has a “mind” of its own, so to speak.”  -Seven Sisters
And finally, the sisters want for us to understand that our bodies are undergoing major, major changes…most of which we can feel, but not mentally grasp yet.  We are adapting and conforming to the new system (light) intelligence that now sustains us and yes, there are many symptoms associated with these changes…especially appetite/digestion oddities as we alter the Source of our physical nourishment… but I am hearing that we are soon to notice things that we haven’t before.
One of the things that they mention in addition to deeper psychic development, is that as we become self-contained in our energy field, we will begin to feel that our body is operating on its own accord, seemingly independent from the world around us. This is exhilarating in the sense that we will begin to feel the freedom from lower dimensional dross as we are released from the discordant planetary matrix that presently houses us….however, without awareness, the unseens feel that changes could cause confusion or stress and so they want to palliate any potential fears.
This disconnection from 3D is already noticeable in small ways, like the inability to feel the discomfort that others are going thru or even feelings of alienation since nearly EVERYone around is experiencing some form of chaos and it can feel odd and lonely to be blissful and excited about the falling world.
“Keep in mind that with the acceptance of your divinity comes the realization that those things that are still deeply-human, that is to say…still operating form a place of separation or limitation…will seem very far away and foreign to you.  You will feel a disconnect from much of the life that still surrounds you, however, this detachment is necessary and required to move into your new dwelling space.  What we recommend is that you focus less on the disconnect you feel between your new awareness and the awareness of others, and more on the connection that you feel between your head and heart.  This is where the magic is happening and all else will eventually fall away to reveal the essence of the full truth.”  -Seven Sisters
For me personally, this has meant a great deal of exercise for my compassion muscle.  Connecting to those who are hurting thru love, and not suffering, requires discipline…I find it to be a delicate balance between validation, holding a safe space, and reflecting higher truths…all at once.  It’s a lot like juggling.  And what I have found really odd is that we have worked so long and hard to move beyond the (e)goo, that you would think it would be easy to access all those years of struggling so that relating would be effortless…but we are so presently focused now that this doesn’t seem to be the case at all.  It literally takes effort now to relate to things we have been fighting thru for years and years and years.  It’s that higher-dimensional amnesia, I tell ya… pretty peculiar stuff.
Mostly, the sisters want to make clear that any disassociation we are feeling is normal, healthy and that we will find it very helpful in assisting others. It’s not that we are exiting the matrix of human life, just the matrix of human suffering.  The difference is mostly in perception, and we are simply rising to meet a new outlook.  Consequently, this “release” will ground a feeling-based understanding that we are not our body, but that we are participating within a body, within a life, and within a divine-human context.  Again, not new information, just a deeper integration of it.
“There will be so much more to share on this in the coming days, but for now all that is required is the understanding that you beginning to identify with your divinity…not your egoic perception of divinity, but the actual presence of it. You are getting glimpses of what it means to be spirit in human form…the phase of embodiment that we refer to as “the realization of your divine body” and it merely requires the understanding that you are changing from one form to another.  We assure you that this is not the aggrandized version that would see, perhaps in movies, but more of a subtle shift of expression from limitation to limitlessness.”  -Seven Sisters
We have had to literally disidentify with every aspect of being a so-called human in what the sisters have termed the “release of the pain-body phase”… which is why it took so freaking long…but the divinity phase they say, is much more natural to us and will feel more seamless in its unfoldment.
Are you ready to shine?
My first painting before the ufo's came forth, since Denise has the hearts so perfecto, I switched over to painting ufo's which were calling me to do last winter. This was my clarion calling card for my twin flame to come now during the End as we know it on our planet...sending out the call ...clarion and all..hee hee hee

Painting of heart by Denise Wilson and so lovingly gifted to me my last birthday in February~
will finally have credibility

Monday, 19 September 2011

Sinixt Barter Faire

Hi all , I just returned from a camp out in my friend's teepee tent at the Sinixt barter faire, of which this was the 7th faire. I was duly impressed with the sacred land , which truly felt so. The row of tipis in the field, the surrounding mountains and the river flowing by , along with a beautiful stage for the performers and lots of vendors, crafters and musicians and natives from all parts of our planet. I was agog with it all, and had to change up my worlds to go early early Sunday am for a harvest fall festival I vended at in Harrop. Love and Peace Linda

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mary Magdalene ...

This just in from Eceti....a channelling from Mary Magdalene, the lover and twin flame of the Christed One !
Mary Magdalene on Earth Changes

In a transpersonal release session Mary Magdalene came in as the main teacher and guide. After the clearing session she had a lot more to say about the upcoming Earth Changes. We asked if Nibiru was for real she said yes. She also said between Sept and November to expect major changes on every level building up to a great crescendo. November 2011 could be the passing of the Red Kachina the great purifier and people need to come back into alignment with Spirit and Nature. She also said there would be protection for those who listen and act but to be aware of spiritual ego and attachment. Some areas will not be safe no matter how connected one thinks they are and if they really were connected they would be moving from these areas. Beware of the feel good messages and those that avoid personal responsibility maintaining the be lie f that the status quo will continue. She said the Pleiadians, Sirians, Orion Council of Light, Andromedans and several other races 12 to be exact all have played a major part in our evolution.

What was once an Eden designed to be a platform for evolution into the highest expression and a cosmic zoo; so to speak was seeded by these 12 Star Nations. The Earth was hijacked over the years by renegade self-serving forces seen and unseen. These are spoken of in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and are mentioned many times in ancient cultures as the Archons. These negative elements have infiltrated the highest institutions on Earth yet they with their puppets are now experiencing the karmic consequences of their actions. There has been a great war in the heavens with the controllers, grey and reptilian races which is now over. Those in service to the Creator have been victorious. Now the process of ending the tyranny on Earth is well underway. These brothers and sisters on high are returning as the Hopi Prophecy predicts along with many other indigenous cultures. Please take the time to listen and read this Hopi Prophecy.
These prophesies along with the Mayan Calendar were all given by the Star Nations. Contrary to popular belief the Mayan Calendar ends October 28th 2011.


This morning I watched this video clip that Eceti posted and I just cried tears as it so resonates with my inner being and what is now happening on our planet earth.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Radiation Detox Salts

Well this week is the Sinixt barter faire in the Slocan Valley here in BC, and I haven't ever attended it. This year I hope to go with my magic friends and just be. As in, I am not wanting to do any vending at all, but we did conjure up some radiation detox soaking salts. I googled what the best essential oil is for radiation detox and apparently it is cypress oil, which I had, synchronistically , in my  essential oils stash out in my studio,( that  I  had ordered in error), but apparently Spirit had an idea for that cypress oil . So I thought I would share the ingredients as you too could make up a lovely relaxing and detoxing salt bath for your own tub bathing.
French Pink Clay is a combination of red and white clays. It is considered to be the mildest of all the clays and works well for normal, sensitive and mature skin types. Its unique composition includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite.
Appearance: Fine rose/pink colored powder.
Benefits: French Pink Clay can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create an overall refreshed appearance. It can also be used to treat acne and other skin ailments; poor blood and/or lymph circulation and sun damaged skin. It is most widely used in cosmetic manufacturing. And there is ginger powder in the mix as well.
So, for those of us who don’t have access to a sauna or steam bath, the ginger bath is a simple and sure way to sweat all those nasty toxins out of your body! And there is some baking soda for detox too.  SALT AND SODA:
 And the sea salts also contain minerals and magnesium. Magnesium is so beneficial to counteract the toxic agents in the nasty chemtrials, (aka chemtrails.) Our area here in the Kootenays has been heavily sprayed again the last 2 days and our skies are putrid with them. Oh for the glorious day when our planet births anew, (happening NOW for those awake and aware...yes that's you all :>)
  and the insidious weather modification programs end once and for all. Until then, have yourselves a detox bath...Much magic and love to you Linda

This bath counteracts the effects of radiation, whether from X-rays, cancer treatment radiation, fallout from the atmosphere, or television radiation. 1 cup of baking soda and 1 to 2 cups of ordinary coarse salt (or epsom salts or sea salt) to a tub of water. You can soak for 20 minutes.

Songs for Ascension


Essay from Arcturian Songs for the New Millennium
Arcturian Star Chronicles
Vol V, Part II
Unedited, unpublished material
Patricia Pereira

Palpae and Malantor of Arcturus:


“It is only through constant reiteration that men learn, and these things must be said again and again.”  Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master through Alice Bailey.

Brilliant Arcturus fills the night sky with her Song.  Radiant orb, far distant, yet near, for Arcturus lives in your heart, and no place can be closer than that which is God’s place within you.  How few understand this, yet for you it is as common as bread and honey.   In the depths of Earth’s dark night, our minds reach out to you.   We appreciate your dedication to task, to Spirit, to your intent to open portals for accelerated human consciousness.    We respond to your inquiry as to the nature of this transmission with a resounding, Greetings, and solicitations for focused awareness on your part to the great Arcturian, Merkaba starship on which rest Palpae and Malantor.
            We are your holy of holies, and by that we mean to emphasize our status as 7th-8th, and even 9th-dimensional light entities.   We, too, have been able to achieve a higher level of awareness commensurate with that which you have achieved.   So, you see, one must think of ascension as a team effort.    Team is best described as eternal Soul urging itself upwards in an ever-increasing spiral along lines of Light that delineate the contours of our constantly expanding universe.
            Quaint times you live in.    You rebound from one emotion to the next, for that which is observed becomes too much to bear.    A phrase we’ve used over and over throughout the years of your aware association with beings of indelible starlight.   And why “indelible?”   Because wherever we join as One, we leave our mark on the trails of starlight that fill the multidimensional worlds of cosmic influence.   This is true for all advanced Souls.   To simplify, the seemingly quixotic manner (highly romantic, impractical sentiments) in which telepathic communications are laid down via the Arcturian starseed corridor create a cosmic imprint that can be followed by all aware beings.   That which humans label as impractically impossible is exactly the manner in which all beings are joined/merged in Oneness with all other beings.  For no thing is separate from another, and so what is experienced by one, can be experienced by All.    For the All to express the minute parts of Itself, that which is Divine established rules of behavior for all beings.   Primary rule 1:   That Which It IS is also the sum of Its many parts.   Oneness in diversity. 

The dictates of society that deem people are to be financially rewarded only for the physical effort they put into interacting with the exterior world is an indicator of how cosmically unconscious humans are.   It has long been an historical imperative that the world is best served through physical labor no matter what form the effort takes.   Inner work—that which is defined to be of an emotional-mental-spiritual nature—has been exclusively regulated to psychological and religious experts, as well as confined to those who live as hermits, the housebound, as well as those sequestered in ashrams, monasteries, nunneries and similar holy retreats.  What humans are about to learn, what those who are consciously self-motivated have already proven to themselves, is that individual intent to evolve does make a difference to the collective whole.   As a significant number are devoted to overcoming personal and collective habitual negativity, to achieving spiritual masterhood, personal peace, and emotional-mental-physical alignment, as well as ascension, advanced stellar beings have slated Earth for cosmic upgrade.  This high-level galactic imperative was not made by observing mega-governments and other human social institutions at work.
The Telepathic Process – Thought Creates Form

            We propose to acquaint you with yet another aspect of universal interconnectedness in this transcript.   We have long established the rule that thought creates form, and that that rule is particularly common to 3rd- and 4th- dimensional worlds.   As above is equal to that which is below, it follows that thoughts expressed by upper-dimensional beings must abide by similar rules.   As we are energy in form, it follows that our thoughts would also be energy in form.   To allow for a simplified explanation of cosmic physics, that which is Light is our standard of communication, and is therefore quite accurately called The Language of Light.   Because Light is a traceable element, and because Light from our perspective is equivalent to vibrational tones of exquisite harmonics, our thoughts imprint upon universal substance as such.   Because thought has a base form on our dimension that is the same as/equal to unconditional Love, there is what is best described as an advanced emotional component to our mental activity.    You are well aware that mental activity, thought, is predicated upon the status of your emotional body, and even your physical body, and so raising the same dynamics to the configurations of our dimensional placement should cause you no undo conceptual strain.  
            Therefore, the melodious, fluid strains of our multidimensional telepathic connection are always observable by all higher beings, if so desired.   It is not that we overwhelm ourselves by “listening” in to every conversation by every being from all places, times, and spatial realms, but it simply means that that which you deem private, to us is open and available.    Perhaps Malantor senses an incoming strain of pure mental delight.   Is he not then a participant and incorporated into the feeling tones and thought activities he perceives?  Indeed!   That which any being is drawn to becomes that to which it is drawn.   We do not exclude in any way, shape, or fashion.  That which wonders about the Essence of thought duplicated upon Patricia’s computer, is equally available to any and all beings who wish to “sit in” during our recordings.    These things are part of a rainbow stream of pure Light/Love that is traceable throughout time.    Think universal-cosmic library of unlimited dimensions, in which every thought, feeling, and experience is stored and eternally available to All.    This does not mean that experience is duplicated ad infinitum and that no thing is ever created fresh.   It does mean, however, that that which is created in spontaneous alignment with Creator Mind IS and has always been.
            And so you see, this transmission on the nature of thought creates form is taken to a comprehension previously outside your awareness.   
            Palpae/Malantor in dual alignment with Universal Mind so state.  

­Sermon on the Mount
            Many of you were in attendance at the Sermon on the Mount.  Your Soul memories are flush with the remembrance of Jesus standing upon the mount speaking to the Souls of men and women dedicated to peace, harmony, and uplifting the spirits of the tormented.  Much more was said than was written down, but aspects of his Divine Message are only available through Soul recollections and by accessing planetary Akashic Records.  Words that were so sacred they defied capture in print upon either papyrus or stone.   Their promise spoke of that which would never be bastardized by sacred-less people.  Words that carry such a high vibration that only the enlightened few have ever had privy to them.  The masses are unable to access these records because they have never demonstrated a willingness to consistently live by the most basic precepts of Universal Law.  Until they are committed to solely living by the teachings of Ascended Cosmic Intelligences, they will have a difficult time graduating this planet; i.e., ascending.  Humans must lay aside their fear of life and death before they are ready to live in perpetual Love and interconnected Oneness with all the diverse beings that inhabit higher spatial realms.  Not everyone has the foresight to imagine utter Oneness as possible, let alone the courage to acknowledge it and live it.   Are you aware that higher dimensionally placed beings are not really above you?  You must understand that you/we are One.  We are the Same, Same, Same!   Our intent is to remind you of the responsibility individual lightworkers accepted when they committed to do everything in their power to bring a sleeping planet out of darkness and into Light.   But this enormous task is not theirs to do alone.  It will be accomplished by thousands of activated lightworkers joined in equal dedication to the Holy Cause of implementing Divine Plan in a timely manner.
            So spoken, Palpae of Arcturus.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Arcturus and Arcturian Orbs

This is a photo of Mt.Adams which is only 13 miles away from James Gillilands back yard at Eceti. (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrials)

This is a photo of James and I in 2008, at a small gathering of women in April , where we cocreated a small feminine prayer wheel.

This is a photo of James and I with his space doggy Jedar, whom everyone loves alot.
Hi this morning, here is Arcturus, a star that I have always looked at in the skies, (it is to the left of the Big Dipper handle) and the North star is to the far right top off the Big Dipper . I feel quite a heart and soul connection to Arcturus. Most folks who are sky and star watchers also have their fave planet or star system. Some of my friends resonate with the Pleides, and one old  friend  Lou, loved Aldebaron, and even named their coffeeshop after it, until my friend Denise took it over and we renamed it the Gold Star Cafe. Anyway, the second photo was taken by a staff member at Eceti , name of Kerry Coppinger, he had me singing some old tunes so that the Arcturian orbs would come in to the field of dreams at Eceti where  three of us were hanging out late one night. They came,the orbs ,  and Arcturian orbs are chevron shaped , not the round ones that others are. I loved that night in the field at Mt.Adams, and I love Eceti and go there when I can. Anyone who is seeking an out of this world experience, and wishing to see alot of UFO activities and energies of the 5th dimensional kind, I highly suggest a vist to James Gillilands 71 acre ranch at Trout Lake Washington. Much magic and much love

Monday, 12 September 2011

On this Harvest Moon

Twin Flames


Picture The larger picture involves the twin flame and the completion of life on Earth and one’s ascension.
As each Lightworker completes mission tasks and all agreements, they join their twin flame/Divine compliment and the two make their ascension together. They move through a process that is known as the Ascension Flames which is a Light energy of transformation. The Ascended Master, Serapis Bey is the overseer of this ascension ceremony, which uses the fifth ray’s white transformational energy of purity.
They head home. Home can mean different places to different people because the evolution of each being is different. Wherever it is, be it a dimension, planet, galaxy, another universe or a return to the throne of God, it is that deep place of the heart that gives you an incredible feeling of rightness and warmth within. You may have had moments in your life when the memory of this place was triggered and you felt a deep longing, sadness or a strong desire to be somewhere you couldn’t quite consciously grasp or define.
It may be that you and your twin decide to have an incredibly long holiday (like an eternity or two!) after your mission work here. As all creation is instantaneous in the 5th dimension and above, you can literally create anything. If you would both like to share a few hundred years (or five minutes) in a wonderful tropical island paradise, with breathtaking sunsets over magnificent oceans, in the exquisite colours that one sees in the higher dimensions, it is but a thought away. If you wish to either go home or rush off to explore the possibilities of new service roles, it will be so.
If you can dream it, you can have it.
from Sandy Stevenson on Twin Flames 1997

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Blue Mist

This is Joe Szilagy playing his guitar way back then.

 This is Neil playing his drums....way back then. (love those beads!)
 Neil wearing his Who teeshirt, he loved the English band the Who.
 This is Joe playing lead guitar and his buddy to this day Wayne King on bass guitar.
This final photo from this old timeline, is of me, the blondie girl with the bell and beads , beside me is Debbie, my dear friend since we were 5 years old in the same neighbourhood in St.Catharines, wearing her shades, and beside her on one side is Norm, a draft dodger we all chummed with, and finally , Neil Peart, who was Debb's boyfriend all thru our high school daze. Neil is sporting my buckskin jacket that my father Fred's wife Juanita got for me in L.A. And yes,that is a peace dove button, and yes, I still make the peace sign and wear one on my bluejean jacket now!We enjoyed the music alot then and we love music still now! This was a walk down memory old time line lane ...time is an endless loop anyway...much magic and much love Linda( who would love that bell again, to wear in our woods here in BC , to warn the bears ...hahahaha)
This tune, which I find so haunting and beautiful, is written and performed by a very old friend, who once played in a band called The Majority, Joe was the lead guitarist, and simply one of the best , cleanest guitar players I had heard then, (and now). The drummer in that band was Neil Peart, who went on to play and still does with a band called Rush.My boyfriend at the time and for 5 years during the teenage years was named RC, and the band played originals as well as pop tunes, ie the Doors, Jimi Hendrix etc. One night RC and I went to hear a band that Joe was in, and I said, you have to have that guitar player in your band. So that is how Joe came to be in the Majority.  We were all friends then, and went to every high school dance the Majority played at and other venues, some of those venues  we put on ourselves. I sold pop to make some coin at those events. Always the vendor it seems :)
Joe now lives in the Toronto area, and I still think that his guitar playing is simply amazing! So here is a song of Joe's for you. Much magic Linda

Building a Rainbow Bridge

Excerpt from Songs for the New Millennium
Vol V
Arcturian Star Chronicles
Unpublished, unedited manuscript
Patricia Pereira


Transmitting Energy:  I Am the Arcturians (Arcturian group mind “We” as One)
            A spatial window has permanently opened; a sky portal or star corridor transcending hyperspace, fourth-dimensional space, and third-dimensional space.  The window originates in realms of ecstatic bliss.  Some of our earth-based personnel will see it, others will simply sense it.  Like a thousand buzzing bees it will draw your attention away from your earthly concerns.  It will fill your dreaming minds with images of delicious light, color and previously unimagined ultraLight entities.  Human language lacks words to describe the utter beauty of what we are attempting to formulate in simple English words.  The spatial window opens to reveal images of brilliant god-like beings who are assisting humans in initiating an era of peace and stability on Earth.  These majestic beings are popularly referred to as mighty Creator Gods or Elohim.  Elohim implement Divine Will-Plan in manifested reality.  Elohim create galaxies, stars, and planets thereof from finely vibrating threads of liquid crystalline, celestial Light. 

            Regarding the 13th Dimension: The thirteenth dimension is not as far away as you might suppose.  Thirteenth-octave beings are responsible for manifesting physical life forms via specifics of scientific law as applicable to individual multilevel, dimensional configurations.  All celestially-resonating ultraLight entities interconnect at numerical level thirteen.  They align with Christed masters who are responsible for integrating metaphoric symbolism as religious covenants on worlds situated in lower-domain harmonics.  Elohim essences initiate thirteenth-dimensional creative programming via energetic pulsations originating in Universal Mind.

Lightworkers are aware a galaxy-wide upliftment is underway.  They comprehend the swiftness with which Archangel Michael’s elegant sword is slicing through residual fibers of the dark karmic matrix surrounding Earth’s fourth-dimensional substrates.  They understand this is necessary to create a hyperspace portal wide enough to facilitate entry of Earth’s evolving bulk.  Ultimately, Earth Mother will thrust herself into regions of refinement quite beyond her third-dimensional placement in the intergalactic lattice.  Joy!  Your Souls have waited centuries to participate in this transformative event.  All sorrow will fade as glorious planet-wide peace and harmonious interaction becomes an earthly reality.
            Light’s essence fills Earth’s aura.  Darkness appears to be intensifying, but only because the degree of available Light is exponentially accelerating.  You are living in a time of tremulous flux.  Earth’s axis teeters on the brink of a major transformative planetary shift.  A few additional awakened Souls could slide the Light barometer to maximum torque.  It is conceivable Earth could achieve her moment of ecstatic climax prior to planetary date 2012.

One hundred forty-four thousand starseeded Souls are engaged in a cooperative enterprise of building a magnificent, dimension-spanning rainbow bridge.  Lightworkers born in the entry years of the twentieth century were the initiators for the bridge’s construction. Their pioneering efforts solidified a foundation for LoveLight placement as a planetary constant.  They sunk the rainbow bridge’s initial pilings deep into Earth’s etheric regions from the early years until midway through the twentieth century until they became solid and securely planted.  Pilings securing etheric girders to the twenty-first century’s opposite shore contain initial vibrational songs of fifth-dimensionally transformed Earth.  They are being anchored to the beginning edges of New Age resonations by the combined efforts of the Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystalline children.  As these ancient Souls reach their maturity in terms of human years, they will initiate an era of peace and prosperity based on the Universal Law of LoveLight in harmonic manifestation.  Eventually, lives lived in perpetual harmonic serenity will be the common reality for all Earth inhabitants.  
            Lightworkers entering the planet from 1950 to 1980 are interim bridge constructors.  It is their task to ensure structural integrity and to connect and transform the struts of old world energy to New Dawn era upliftment.  As the opposite shore is reached, spanning efforts will be picked up first by Indigos who came onto the planet in the 1980s and 1990s. The Indigos have the critical assignment of integrating Divine Light as aspects of multidimensional layering into the initial fields of the New Age energy.  As their section of the rainbow bridge is completed, Rainbow and Crystalline Souls will anchor the pilings to Earth’s evolved shore so her ascending citizenry may pass safely from the dying Piscean Age into the splendors of the New Dawn Aquarian Age.  

            Joyous harmonic resonance!  The rainbow bridge is almost complete.  Lightworkers have an overriding intuitive sense they are participating in an extremely important event.  Soon their dedication and commitment to something their minds can barely articulate will come to pass.  Graduating starseeds are beginning to comprehend that they are worthy companions to ultraLight star beings.  Therefore, if you are a self-activated lightworker do not fret about fulfilling your life’s purpose.   Your primary contribution is that of an instrument of peace, love and light.  Your intent to serve the higher universal good has already planted seeds of light.  Eventually they will sprout and Earth will be covered with floral configurations of Divine Light.  You are making it possible for future Earth citizens to live in perpetual harmony, enlightened awareness, and Soul-liberation.  These are no small matters!   These are indicators you are attuned to the creative efforts of One Mind—that which permeates all things with Divine Essence.  You are like a Light laser; you are a powerful wand of self-determination.  Your growing spiritual awareness is unparalleled at any previous time in Earth’s history.

            The rainbow bridge is best described as a multidimensional lattice, a ladder spanning third-dimensional reality and connecting to fifth-dimensional reality.  Earth has already journeyed beyond the midpoint of the span.  And where are aggressive, warring humans positioned?  Delicately poised is our reply.  It is critical for individuals as well as collective humanity to carefully deliberate their tenuous position on the bridge for Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy is about finished honoring the policy of noninterference.  At the time of this transmission (mid-November, 2002) extraterrestrial Dark Lords are being forcibly escorted off planet.  They are being transferred to the prototype Earth.  Many humans will soon follow them.  The determining factor for ascension with planet body is based on embracing the precepts of LoveLight Divine Law.  The determining factor for de-evolving karmically-burdened humans is they prefer to nurture aggressive fear-hate precepts.  These latter beings will find themselves transferred to a prototype Earth where they will continue their cosmic education.
            You are entering the End Times.  All things affiliated with old timeframe energy are in the process of dissolving.  To move one era rotation to another is a complex undertaking.  These procedures are a necessary function of cosmic law as it pertains to dimension-to-dimension bridging.  Soul rotation is upon you!  It is imperative to remember there is no death.  Only transformation of consciousness.  Suffering is not an aspect of cosmic law!  Suffering is only a factor in lower universal domains.  Suffering in any form is unknown in civilizations positioned above higher fourth-dimensional octave.  Suffering is a choice.  It is an individual and collective choice made by beings that choose to act in rebellion against the Divine Law of LoveLight.  It is a masking of Love and has nothing to do with Reality.  Suffering is a self-inflicted illusion.  Suffering is based on the assumption of lack.  A state of lack is most definitely an illusion.  Manifestation of all one desires is instantaneous once one escapes the veil of lower vibrational illusion and emerges into the more refined universal hums.  The sixth overtone of the fourth-dimension is the point where octave transformation occurs.  You are almost there!  Earth mother struggles to release herself from the illusion of aggression many of her human inhabits strain to impose upon her.  Humanity’s spiritually immature ways can only attempt to hinder her progress, but they will not do so for long.  She has already achieved the third overtone of the fourth-dimension and once she enters the sixth overtone her shifting into the image of a light-bearing planet will be swift.  Those who choose otherwise will be adequately provided with planetary habitation space, but not on this world.  Earth Mother has completed her karmic functions and is free to move forward on her Soul’s great journey.

            Earth people are entering a dark time; the darkest in the history of this planet, even more so than when Atlantis was abruptly submerged beneath the sea.   This is because those who hide behind curtains of secrecy are the only ones aware of their agreements with manipulative extraterrestrials; whereas in Atlantean times the entire population was so informed.  Also, Atlantean influence did not offset the entire planet, but the influences of Earth’s current doppelganger (wrathful ghost-like) superpowers do.  In this light, we ask all our starseed personnel to remain solid in their commitment to shine and anchor Divine Light in their efforts to personally transform to a state of Unity consciousness. Whenever a planetary transformative rebirth is underway, the willingness and ability of its citizens to anchor transformative stellar Light is of primary importance. 
So be it! 

            Malantor of Arcturus transmitting on board Marigold-City of Lights—headquarters for extragalactic, intragalactic, and intraplanetary activities Sol system.

            Preparations are underway to perform an amazing feat of Light transference.  We are adapting the Arcturian corridor to serve as a temporary transportal membrane to project a magnificent multihued ray from galactic central to Earth’s sun, Sol.  The purpose of this exercise is to filter pure galactic Light to Earth via her sun in a way that will assist her and yet not overwhelm her.  Therefore, expect yet another acceleration in energies over the next few weeks and months (written November 2002).  It is imperative that our starseeds keep their minds’ eyes on the greater vision.  We realize it will be difficult for you to do so as the majority will not be able to negotiate the fluxing solar waves with any degree of comfort.  Prepare to integrate evolutionary modality acceleration wave after acceleration wave.  Adaptation to fluctuating solar and planetary energies will help prevent personal burnout.  We are not asking you to sacrifice what is personally important to you.   Indeed, this is an opportune time to fully embrace life’s abundance.  Approach transformative energies head-on with an expression of joy and acceptance.  Remember, viewing the world through eagle eyes is perceptually different than that of earth-hugging creatures. 

            The sensory monitoring level of our work is not conceivable from the standpoint of third-dimensional physics.   Our work takes place in a silence as profound as rays of lunar light falling upon a snowy field.  We are making adjustments in Earth’s gravitation fields in an attempt to offset the abrupt disruptions of negativity that are rapidly accumulating—much more so than at any previous time in known human history.  This is so because you live in a global society that is intimately interconnected via electronic media and the Internet (apt description: World Wide Web grid matrix).   Because this is occurring in a species that does not begin to understand the ramifications of inter-Beingness, a lag time in terms of years has erupted.  Nevertheless, the sands of third-dimensional time are almost played out.  There is very little time remaining.  It is folly for humans to settle back in complacent expectation that they have all the maneuvering room they need.  Aware starseeds are cognizant that the remains of the old era are dying and that a promising new era is on the horizon.  They know the collective had better scurry if they want to keep up with the transformative energies that are assailing them.  Lightworkers understand intensifying energies originating in Galactic Central Sun are being projected to Earth’s sun, Sol while the majority remains in ignorance extremis as to matters of galactic seeding, species evolution, environmental decay, and the necessity for breaking down old forms before integration of evolved forms can occur.   These things will certainly be forced upon an unwilling species that prefers to focus almost entirely on their own personal affairs and the power agendas of religious, political, and financial institutions.   Earth is an extremely hostile place.   Immediately before a polar shift and an eruption of transformative energies, a holding back by individuals not prepared to move forward is expected.  There is a great deal of scrambling to secure personal and national power positions.   Many Earth leaders are aware of the presence of multi-dimensional extraterrestrials, but they prefer to ignore these things in their grim efforts to maintain status quo.  They opportunistically take advantage of the situation as an excuse to terrorize the general populace with dire warnings of alien invasion and other such nonsense.   Those in the know are wiser and anticipate a point in time when they will stand before the landings of crystalline starships and find themselves welcomed aboard while spiritually resistant Earth leaders stand back in wonder as to who you are and why you would be favored with such an honor while they are regulated to the backseats of lower extraterrestrial Dark Lord craft.

            These pronouncements may appear harshly spoken, but life on Earth in these times is harsher than it has ever been.  We encourage our starseeded personnel to remember who they are and why they have been placed in position to welcome their starship mates from the ground.  

Transmission received via Arcturian Group Mind and Malantor of Arcturus
 by Patricia Pereira
Korton is commander of the Rainbow Starship! This painting was done by Celaya Winkler, who's paintings  of the Ascended Masters and Star Beings once hung on the walls of Mother Mary's Garden in Grass Valley, California. My friend Chandrika and I used to work there for Sam and Ida (White Dove) Partridge, and mail out oodles of these postcards. Wish now that I had saved my set. The paintings were beautiful! Much magic! Much Love Linda