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Friday, 28 December 2012

Angel on Camera

3MIN News December 28, 2012: Collapsing Atmosphere

Dealing With The Multilevel Shift

Dealing With The Multilevel Shift

It is now common knowledge we live in an electric universe yet lets take it further to say we live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and affected sometimes instantaneously. There are influences daily many unseen affecting our daily lives. There are planetary influences and alignments, massive Gamma and Xray blasts from other systems as well as energies coming in from other dimensions. We are multidimensional beings with mental, emotional, astral, etheric, and higher spiritual bodies. The consciousness, light and energies coming from all levels affect the entire vibrational continuum. Changes in consciousness, "Cause", affect everything down to the physical. Incoming light and energy also have an effect as well as magnetic energies due to planets, suns and our relationship to galactic core. Solar flares, CMEs coronal mass ejections have the greatest impact on our bioelectric fields, weather, earthquake and volcanic activity. Watch the activity of the sun and observe your own emotional state during solar flares. People ride the highs and lows of the waves with emotional outbursts, agitation, followed by lethargy. These releases of energy including the Earth's pisoelectric waves during major quakes can even make people sic, feel disoriented, dizzy, have muscle or joint pain and heart palpations. Many sensetives use their bodies as tools for divination.

Something not taken into account is what this is doing to other levels or dimensions; which also affect this dimension. The astral level is in the process of extreme transformation. The lower levels of the astral level have some very confused, controlling, manipulating entities. They feed on base attitudes and emotions on this level. Fear, guilt, anger, beliefs in separation, agitation all can be felt as ones own emotions when actually they are coming from other levels. These are unseen negative influences yet we can also be influenced by the attitudes and emotions of those around us in the physical. Those in the physical with hitchhikers astral beings connected to them can create a serious impact on those around them. Now before I loose a few people it is good to remember being enlightened means being in knowledge of all levels of influence. Self-mastery is mastery over all levels and maintaining your own self-authority. The self I am referring to is your God/Creator/Spirit self. Self-mastery means mastering your emotions, unseen negative influences, becoming the observer of self and your environment. This is why the Masters, Saints and Sages, enlightened monks, Yogis and Lamas maintain their bliss and clarity of mind in any situation. They do not abandon logic or critical thinking even when it comes to observing themselves.

These masters are not swayed by emotional influence a tool used by the mainstream media and the controllers to direct the masses. They see through the problem, reaction, solution program knowing the real solution is to know who the puppet masters are seen and unseen, their agenda and the true source of the problem. On a more personal level they are aware of how other influences seen and unseen are trying to affect them. This includes unseen negative influences working through those closest to them, family, lovers and friends. These are the hardest influences to overcome due to the bonds upon which these influences can travel. The ultimate goal is to be sovereign. Learn loving detachment and how to heal unseen negative influences. Keeping a constant vigil on ones own energies, feelings, and emotions is the best path to maintaining ones love, joy and bliss. Observing how you feel in the presence of others, changes in environments, etc. also help one on their path to self-mastery. The more you simplify, the more you can get out in nature, the more you pray and meditate even if the intention is to master self the more mastery you will have over seen and unseen influences. There will be a host of reasons why we cannot do these things yet those very reasons are why most are in the state they are in. It is time to reevaluate our lives, how our actions affect others and nature, and do so with brutal honesty. Our minds and intellects can validate any behavior yet when we find the silence of the soul we realize we might have become a little integrity challenged. Remember become the observer, be aware of how the energies of others and changes in environment affect you. Most of all learn how to heal unseen negative influences and maintain your own self authority. Within the heart of hearts of all humanity is a loving, joyous, powerful manifesting God/Goddess. It is the spark awaiting to ignite into the full flame. Make this your intention. Be well,

Here are tools and understandings for healing unseen negative influences. These are covered in the books, Reunion with source and Becoming Gods available at

james gilliland

Permission grated to pass far and wide
Dear friends,

India is stalling the toughest child labour law in its history... because politicians say it’s not a ‘priority’! But the majority of MPs support it and all they need is a massive public push to bring it to a vote. Let´s raise our voices for India´s children. Sign now:

Sign the petition
The Indian Parliament is closing without passing the toughest child labour law in its history. Worse, the bill is supported by the majority of MPs, but it was ignored for weeks, because they felt it was not a ‘priority’!

India is the world’s child labour capital -- kids as young as five are sold to traffickers and forced to work as modern-day slaves, abused and beaten. The historic new bill would ban outright any child labour under 14 and provide stipends for poor families to keep their children in school. But MPs have let it fall off their agenda, and Indian child rights groups say they badly need our help, now, to ramp up the public pressure.

If the Avaaz community comes together, we can create a wave of attention to the bill, and push MPs to vote. Sign this urgent petition and forward it widely -- when we reach 1 million we’ll deliver our message to the Parliament with former child workers:

A staggering 215 million children work in mines, quarries, and factories around the world. All nations have signed an agreement to put the eradication of child labour at the heart of their national education plans. But, India is home to the largest child labour force in the world. If the new law passes, it would ban all child labour for under 14-year-olds and all harmful work for under 18s. The law even has provisions to ensure it doesn’t hurt the poorest families -- enshrining the right to free education and proposing stipends to compensate any losses.

Critics say the real problem isn’t the law, it’s bad enforcement. And it’s true that in the last three years in India less than 10% of the 450,000 reports of child labour were prosecuted under the existing, weak, law. But the new law packs some serious punch. The police will no longer have to wait for a court order to act. All forms of commercial child labour under 14 will be criminalised, and instead of meaningless fines or short prison sentences, the criminals will face tough penalties.

While the majority of MPs say they'll support the bill, there's no political urgency to bring it to a vote. But each day they delay, more children are forced into a life of sweatshop misery. It’s up to us to push them over the edge. Sign the petition to India's MPs now, and share widely:

The Avaaz community has campaigned to protect the children and the most vulnerable, time and time again. Just weeks ago, 1.2 million of us got together to help pass the most comprehensive education plan in Pakistan. How we treat our children is a reflection on our moral compass -- and it´s time to take firm steps against their abuse. Let’s join together to speak out for the future of India’s suffering children.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Alice, Alex, Alaphia, Lisa, Jeremy, Ricken, Dalia, Rewan, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


India proposes ban on child labor (Washington Post)

Getting ready for the new law against child labour (The Hindu)

Over 60 million child laborers in India (India Tribune)

35 child workers rescued from Delhi factories (Business Line)

End Child Labour and Educational Disadvantage - report and film

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Days To Come, As Seen By The Ultradimensionals

Days To Come, As Seen By The Ultradimensionals

It has come to my attention repeatedly that many officials in the agencies really do not know about the spiritually and technologically advanced off world civilizations. They do know of the regenerate low level ETs and have struck deals with them in the past but there is a great void concerning the hands off, prime directive highly evolved off worlders. What ever deals were made in the past are now null and void. Those who have interfered in the evolution or awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth are going to be dealt with. They have been given an eviction notice; which is now being enforced by pro-earth forces. Universal Law is now the prime directive. It is the Law of One some call unity consciousness. The forces of tyranny and unbridled greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth will come to an end. It is surfacing now for all to see, the players have been indentified human and non human. The noninterference program has come to an end and the spiritually and technologically advanced races have now joined forces in a program beyond the ability of most scientists to comprehend. Quantum physics has the best grasp of what is unfolding along with some of the most ancient teachings.

The simplest way to state this is it all has to do with frequency. We are all known throughout the multiverse by our frequency. Our frequency is the combined attitudes, emotions and beliefs in the world in which we live. Our consciousness has many levels or dimensions and the higher dimensions are pressing in hard upon the Earth. It is like a soul or Godself invasion. The lower vibrational frequencies such as fear, guilt, unworthiness, ignorance, separation, pain, suffering, wrong conclusions from past experiences are undergoing a major clean up. This is why the higher dimensional beings stress clean up your consciousness, release the past and focus on love, joy, bliss, service to others in order to increase your frequency. We are being aided in this process and it is also a natural evolution; which cannot be derailed or avoided despite arrogant ego driven people who think they are separate. We are being bombarded by what seems to be every level in the electromagnetic light spectrum. Cosmic, Gamma, X, Ultraviolet, Infrared are all flooding into the Earth and she is absorbing them, expanding, growing. Yes I did say growing this is why all the quakes and volcanoes are going off. There are also those misusing technology amplifying areas already under great pressure as well as playing with weather modification. Just as in the days of Atlantis there are those who want to use technology for dominion and control yet look where this took them in the past. Unfortunately the destruction of Atlantis and other worlds as well could not have come about without willing participants, those who turned a blind eye to injustices and trespasses not wanting to upset their comfort zones.

This time around there are watchers, observers and those who will interact if necessary to make sure we do not repeat the past. They will not allow an all out nuclear war or technology that could end the evolutionary process. They are hoping we learn from our mistakes, rise up and choose noble virtue or impeccable integrity concerning our actions with humanity and the Earth. Thus far we have fallen far short of many of their expectations. We are now entering a time of choosing. The action/reaction principle most call Karma is being amplified. The fear, guilt, and unworthiness are no longer efficient tools to control the masses. This includes nefarious deeds such as wars for God and Country; which in truth are for power and wealth. There is one God/Creator/Spirit given many names and images by man and we are one planet. No one has an exclusive on God, nor the right to destroy and take what is not his or hers. The lying and deceptive natures of those who lust for power and wealth, those who have sold their very soul for fame, power and wealth will become naked in the light. What will also come are the consequences to these deeds. None of these beliefs or actions are frequency specific to the evolution of Earth. There will be those who choose not to heal and continue in actions that are harmful to humanity and the Earth. Their world is imploding. They actually believe they can dig elaborate holes in the Earth, stock them, allow the Earth changes and their own depopulation programs to rid the surface of over 80% of the people then emerge as kings over who is left.

How does this look to their souls, the higher dimensional beings, the awakened ones on Earth. Does this path raise their frequencies; make them compatible to the new frequencies of Earth? Of course not. Will they maintain their bodies, their kingdoms, their tyrannical unjust enslaving system? Of course not. Those who think their security resides in serving the beast will fall along with the beast. This is the simplest explanation we can give. The only real security is to live a life of service to humanity and the Earth then you are aligned with the higher intelligences and civilizations; which in the end will be undeniably victorious.

You cannot fool your soul, Great Spirit, Creator yet in arrogance there are some very clever people who think they can. What do you think their future will hold not just in this life but lives to come? How do you think their light review will go in passing this plane when they stand naked, no lawyers, no guards, no toys or castles just their deeds and how they affected others. Now do you really think the spiritually and technologically advanced beings are going to sit down and have tea with regenerate humans or ETs? Share technology knowing it will be hoarded, misused? This is why so many guberment officials are not in the know, there is no purposeful good in contacting those who have not risen to the occasion. All they can do is dismiss what they cannot experience because they have no control whatsoever in the higher dimensions. Ships and their occupants that can come and go as they please, a force on high that is watching, knowing all their dirty laundry; which is now becoming a hands on process of awakening and healing humanity and the Earth.

They work with consciousness, light and energy, are extremely telepathic and can transmit information, inspiration and healing whenever and wherever they desire. Some of them have full use of creational energies. It is the destiny of humanity and the Earth to experience a grand reunion with these beings, many already have. The Earth once hijacked by negative forces of ill intent will be reset to its original destiny which is to evolve in peace and harmony to its highest state of evolution. Now you know more than the guberment knows as well as their destiny; which many fear for good reason. There is more to the story. Stay tuned and be well.
james gilliland

In just two days, Firedoglake activists stepped up and donated to fulfill Occupy Sandy's urgent request for 400 Tyvek coveralls to protect survivors and volunteers working around toxic mold.
Occupy Sandy tells us they are extremely grateful for your generosity, but the cleanup crews still desperately need more equipment. Their next priority is getting 200 handheld sprayers to assist in eradicating mold from homes.
Our Occupy Supply team was able to track down affordable, American-made sprayers, and now we need your help fulfilling the request. For just $20 you can outfit a Sandy cleanup crew member with a sprayer. Here's how to do it:
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Occupy Sandy NJ
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Jane Hamsher
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Astrology Forecast for December 27, 2012

George Kavassilas - Ascension: Half of humanity ascends to the 5th dimen...

George talks about the date of March 21, 2013 and ascension for those still interested in that topic.
This is an interesting blogger's take on the child massacre recently in the USA

3MIN News December 27, 2012: Syria Chemical Weapons?

Top Tracks for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (playlist)

This one's for Julie!

Monday, 24 December 2012

2012 Update! James Gilliland

2012 Update

Well its December 24th and so far all is well yet we are far from out of the woods. There has been some major UFO activity around the Sun. Looks like some divine intervention has altered what NASA and many others were expecting. The kill shot or solar flare that would create the Carrington Effect. There is a lot of UFO activity over Chile and Argentina with an increase in earthquake activity. UFOs often appear over areas soon to experience and lets not forget Chile in the past has generated some formidable tsunamis. The cosmic ray index is showing clearly we have an increase in cosmic rays bombarding the planet. It looks like one solar stream is dying out while another is taking its place so a short rest on incoming energies. Many are getting sick, dizzy, and nauseated as symptoms to these new energies. Emotional highs and lows with some outbursts are common place.

These new energies were set between the 19th and the 23rd. There are many formulas some given as far back as 1982 in lectures and books available at concerning solar flares and CME's coronal mass ejections. This is concerning how they effect the planet. Severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity even social and economic changes. The advanced formula which I am sure will be borrowed again concerning the manifestation process. Everything on this dimensions owes its existence to the next higher dimension. The process goes from consciousness to light then energy followed by mass. The streaming energies coming in are conscious for that was their origin. The Earth our physical world is merely the hard copy of other higher levels. Most are in reactionary mind reacting to the changes on the physical level manipulated and programmed to react and act a certain way. There are those who utilize creationary mind manifestors of their own destiny.

There are advanced beings here on Earth and throughout the cosmos that work on other levels. Consciousness is Cause, the physical is the Effect. There are beings working on the level of pure consciousness, beings working on the level of light have magnetized light bodies and ships living in a holographic world. There are beings working on the level of energy with energy bodies and energy ships living in an energy world or less dense physical. Then there are the beings most are aware of in the physical world with their ships and the herd or social consciousness of Earth. The 2012 energies were set on these other levels. Those who say absolutely nothing happened lack the understanding of or sensitivity to these other levels. The manifestations in the physical will follow. The Earth is being bombarded with Cosmic, Gama, X, Infrared, and other rays like never before. Magnetic waves are creating ups and downs like an energetic rollercoaster due to alignment with Galactic Plane. If one believes this is not going to have an affect one is ignorant and insensitive to the higher knowledge and incoming light and energy most of which is measurable. One of the best measurements is your own body and unfolding reality. Become the observer, feel what is happening around you, look at the social and economic changes, severe weather, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. We are going to witness the effect of these new energies intensely over the next two years and yes those light, energy and physical off worlders are making themselves known throughout this process. The new energy grids are in place, the awakening and healing process is in high gear. Hang on.
Be well,
James Gilliland

18-12-2012 en Santiago Chile UFO (Ovnis) 1


3MIN News December 24, 2012: Storm Euclid

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

3MIN News December 22, 2012

Some Shift Effects~James Gilliland

We are receiving lots of emails concerning the effects of the shift now underway. Many of the energies coming in are not measureable; they are coming in from higher dimensions yet those who are sensitive are really feeling the shift. We know there are those who are not as sensitive; which may not be feeling anything. Observing others is the only way they would know something is unfolding. Many are feeling heart palpitations, dizziness, and headaches, some even vomiting. Many are spending sleepless nights due to the amped up energies. Some are feeling their spirit detaching from their bodies, like a rocking energy. This can be attributed to the shift and how people adjust to the new energies. I was told in meditation it is important to rest, meditate, align with the divine feminine energies because it is these energies which are mainly responsible for these shifts. The Earth is feminine and we have to align with her evolutionary process. Drink plenty of water, eat light, meditate and align with the divine feminine this will assist in the process. Be well,
James Gilliland

Thursday, 20 December 2012

R.E.M. - It's The End of The World As We Know It (2008)

dreamin of a white Christmas...?

Our neck o the woods...snow snow snow! For a white Christmas teleport here...we got lots of the white stuff.

UFOAM: Today's Top UFO News with Guest James Gilliland

In my matrix , Jame is authentic and speaks his truth and walks in integrity. He is a good man and I love his soul very much.

21 December 2012 - NEW Message from the Star Nations

Well it would certainly be awesome if the words spoken by this woman were truth. Time will soon tell. Adonai

A Reminder....

New chakra banner





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3MIN News December 20, 2012: "I AM HAARP"

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Astrology Forecast for December , 2012

Jo Dunnings Gift for Galactic Alignment

 My favourite female energy worker other than Loveda Elk, is one Jo Dunning. For some years now myself and friends and a mulitude of others world wide have partaken with Jo of her energetic healings. I first heard her a long long time ago it seems now, on News for the Soul online. True to Jo's generous and loving/kind spirit , if you follow the link below you will be able to both listen to Jo speak about the 8 minute window of energies during the 3 day solstice and galactic alignment and how this may affect us all. Us being our planet and all her lifeforms. At the end of her short discourse, Jo offers up some wonderful energy work for this time we are in . You can also sign up for a free group worldwide participation with Jo on Saturday December 22 , 2012 during the time of the exact alignment of our sun with galactic sun in our Milky Way ....if you want to harness with others the flow of electricity waves or whatev you want to call the dispersement of light then you can join in or sign on to receive the energies with Jo and all, no matter where you are called to be. Blessings to Jo and all that she has and is still doing for humanity. Eh ma ho!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

3MIN News December 18, 2012: The Throat of Fire

2012 ECETI

2012 ECETI

Before the 21st comes and goes for the naysayers we would like to go on record as saying we do not and no one knows exactly how this is going to unfold. There will be as many realities unfolding, as there are people because we are all creating our tomorrow by the choices we make and the ability to access the higher consciousness and energy. There are some who are thick as a brick while others are ultrasensitive. There are those living in areas where the Earth will be making major adjustments to the new energies. Here are a few things to consider.

We are aligning with Galactic core, Sirius, Alcyon, our Sun, the Earth and Moon all line up on December 21st, 2012. This has NEVER happened before in this Galaxy.

We are moving through the dark rift with our magnetic fields weak and down in some areas, a place with a lot of debris.

According to Russian Scientists we are entering a highly charged place in the universe what some call the photon belt or null zone.

The Sun is responding to these alignments and the highly charged space with massive solar flares and CMEs affecting all the planets following it in their helical orbits. The Carrington effect taking down the grind and satellites has had several near misses. The Sun is also sending new particles, accelerating the decay rate or isotopes, altering carbon, activating DNA.

Other large bodies have been spotted passing the sun much larger than Earth some say there are massive ships recorded by SOHO as well near the Sun.

Massive Storms, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes have increased exponentially.

The power elite is using every means possible to take advantage of natural disasters steering and amplifying storms with HAARP and generating Earthquakes in areas already under pressure. They have poisoned our air,"Chemtrails", water with"Fracking, Fluoride, Chlorine". Poisoned our Food, "Aspertame, GMO's Roundup, pesticides and herbicides. Inoculated our children with carcinogens and toxins, virus etc in a massive depopulation program. Hooked them on dead acidic foods laced with preservatives, sugar and white flour in a profit driven path with no respect for humanity and the Earth. We have a corporate sponsored dictorial democracy with insane men/women who lust for power and wealth who will do anything including the killing of millions selling their souls to the power elite for power and wealth. They have created massive underground cities to avoid their fate yet there is no place to hide. Where ever you go there you are which includes your karma.

Ever hear of a Republic? Ever hear of Karma, action/reaction, what goes around comes around? You cant take it with you all you can take is your consciousness and if it is filled with shame and guilt for what one has done to humanity and the Earth guess where they end up after facing themselves in their light review? When the beast falls those who serve the beast will fall with it. It is unsustainable and inevitable.

Now considering all this how can anyone with any logic or critical thinking be lie ve everything is going to continue business as usual. For those with a business mind what happens when the banksters steal 16 trillion dollars and print 85 billion dollars a week with nothing to back it? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have divine intervention, inner guidance and actions based on inner guidance. We have individual and collective consciousness evolving and devolving. We have the Earth and her destiny to heal and ascend to the next level. We have Masters, Saints, Sages, ultradimensionals, offworlders assisting in this process with whole fleets appearing over major cities. We have psychopaths we have given our power too doing all they can to stop the awakening and healing process, Unity Consciousness because there is no elite in Unity Consciousness.

It is up to us to see where we fit into this scenario, what are we creating, supporting, are we doing all we can to assist in the awakening and healing process? Are we living according to universal law? Are we entrenched in social consciousness, serving the beast in actions that are not in alignment with universal law and harmful to humanity and the Earth? Are we willing participants in the upward spiral or the downward spiral?

There is a grand awakening, action/reaction and karma is being accelerated, no rock shall be left unturned and the apocalypse, The Great Uncovering", is upon us. Many will be caught unaware because they have chosen to ignore the signs and the information already given to them redundantly. The denial and attachment is too great for them. Despite their attempts to maintain the status quo it will be in vein because it is unsustainable socially, economically and environmentally.

Do we see it all happening on December 21st? No. These are peak periods with changes on every level building up to them and when the energy is set the changes continue. There is a process in manifesting which goes from consciousness, to light, then energy and mass. The old grid is failing, the new consciousness and energy grid is in place. The physical is the hard copy and is adjusting; which includes Earth, all its inhabitants and your physical bodies are not exempt nor your empires. Enjoy the ride we all signed up for it. And for those who say nothing is happening do you have any idea what you look like to awakened ones? It is like the UFO debunkers when fleets fly over cities. They look rather silly. As silly as the power elite thinking they are going to escape being exposed and the reaction to their actions.

Be well,
James Gilliland

Monday, 17 December 2012

Dear Amazing Avaaz community,

With 2012 almost over, I wanted to take a second to stop and reflect on this crazy, beautiful community of hope that we've all created together. The numbers are mind-boggling --

Avaaz growth curve
  • 17.2 million of us are getting this email today, and that number is skyrocketing -- almost doubling in the last several months!
  • We've come together from all 194 nations, 1.7 million of us in Brazil, 1.6M in France, 773,000 in India. Here's the map
  • We've taken more than 100 million actions, online and offline, and told over 250 million friends about important campaigns
  • Our voices have brought awareness to critical issues, with coverage in at least 15,000 news reports this year alone
  • 400,000 of us have donated, giving almost $7 million through Avaaz to other humanitarian and democracy organisations
  • 20,000 of us have already started, and started winning, campaigns using our new community petition tool
The Pakistani President signs our petition that helped 3 million children go to school

Our massive Palestine action right outside the EU commission as foreign ministers met
But behind the numbers is so much more -- thousands of stories of people coming together with a hope that is powerful enough to overcome cynicism and achieve change. Not just in small ways, but in some really, really big ways.

Remember Malala, the incredibly brave young girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for girls education? In a week, the Avaaz team worked with partners in Pakistan to identify an ambitious plan to get all kids into school, and after 886,000 of us signed the petition for this plan, the UN education envoy Gordon Brown presented it directly to President Zardari who himself signed the petition! Malala was "thrilled" to be greeted in hospital with the news that Zardari had approved funds to get 3 million more children into school! Brown called our mobilisation "crucial".

This was just before 1.8 million of us played a major role in winning a Palestinian state. After Israel and the US started bullying countries to vote against it at the UN, we unleashed opinion polls in 4 countries, thousands of phone calls, lobbied leaders and erected giant 4 storey flags outside official meetings. In the final vote only 9 countries out of 193 voted against! The EU Palestinian Ambassador said "Avaaz played a critical role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people's bid...their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine".

And earlier this year, a whopping 2.8 million of us joined a powerhouse campaign to stop the ACTA treaty -- a critical win against global corporations trying to censor the Internet. The treaty died in Europe, and the Parliament's president said he was "very impressed by Avaaz's massive petition which was taken seriously by the European Parliament". Other leading members of Parliament publicly cited our voices as critical to getting them to scrutinize and oppose ACTA.

That's 3 of literally hundreds of stories to tell about this year alone! (Check out our updates page for more.) I can't wait to see what our community is capable of in 2013, from protecting rainforests and wildlife to standing with the Syrian people and the Arab Spring to dismantling Rupert Murdoch's corrupt media empire, and so much more.

This is an amazing thing we've built together, an engine of hope and change in the world. And every one of us has contributed to make it happen. Next time you're out at dinner with friends or at a party, try asking if anyone else is part of Avaaz. Chances are someone will be, and maybe you'll have a conversation that builds your hope. Because we can achieve a lot on our own, but if we come together and stick together, anything is possible.

With enormous appreciation for every lovely and committed person in this unique community,

Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. Donate to Avaaz is a 17-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

UFO's Around The Sun - New date !

Hmmm...well this day is the 17th so will have to see if that big thang appeared again next to the sun. The "sunsucking " thang as some called it last March. Hee hee

Turning Gravity In to Light
Now this is an invention worth supporting and having too.

Harper, We Have a Message for you~SumOfUs

Last Friday at 5pm, Prime Minister Harper quietly approved the controversial takeover of Canadian oil giant Nexen by China’s state-owned National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC -- hoping to draw as little attention to it as possible.
And in less than a week, he could do the same and pass the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA at the last cabinet meeting before the holidays, when everyone is focused on family and travel.
Harper keeps telling us that this deal will be good for Canadian business owners and investors, and that Canadian business owners and investors want this deal. But we know a secret that could ultimately stop this bad deal in its tracks -- there are thousands of business owners all over Canada who are against this deal. With days to go before FIPA could pass, if we can show Harper that his traditional base and the people that make the Canadian economy work are actually against this deal, he’ll be given no choice but to stop this deal for good.
Not a business owner? If you know one, forward this email to them.
We’re targeting businesses and business owners in particular because investment protection acts like FIPA are designed specifically to help business, not hurt it. But under this FIPA, the cards are stacked against Canadian businesses. By exposing the dangers for Canadian business, and shutting the door on Harper’s sales pitch that FIPA is good for business, we could stop the deal for good.
Can you help us show Harper that hundreds of business leaders from coast to coast to coast are against this deal to help stop FIPA in its tracks?
And please forward this email to any business owners you know!
If we show Harper that those people who make the Canadian economy run -- small business owners, people like you, or your neighbours and community -- we can show Harper that he can’t sneak this bill by us like he did the Nexen takeover.
Thanks for all you do,
Emma, Taren, Kaytee and the rest of us
P.S. Legal experts are saying that the FIPA deal won’t protect Canadian investors from discriminatory treatment in China, and that on market access, investor protection, and leveling of the playing field the treaty favours China. FIPA's liabilities and constraints are much greater for Canada.
FIPA’s heavy constraints on Canada will last for 31 years and will hurt Canadian business, yet the government has limited Canadian business owners with little notice or opportunity for scrutiny and debate. For a detailed look at exactly why the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA will hurt Canadian business, check out Gus Van Harten’s piece in the Tyee.

SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Was this email forwarded to you? Click here to add yourself to SumOfUs.

Dogwood Initiative~Save BC Coastline~ fundraising

Dogwood Initiative
Hi Linda,

When I sat down to write this message, I began describing the tremendous success we’ve had in 2012 — but the truth is it’s your success.

Every bit of progress we’ve made in protecting B.C.’s coast this year is because of your petition signatures, your donations, your stories, your volunteer hours, your Facebook posts, your conversations with family and friends — those are the reasons that together we’re winning.

To top it off, in the past four weeks, 964 of you have donated over $122,000 — wow! Thank you so much. With only two weeks left to reach our goal of raising $150,000, three generous supporters have offered to match your donations dollar for dollar up to the target. That means if you give $20, we get $40. If you give $40, we get $80. You get the idea!

Will you give $40 today to keep building an unstoppable movement to protect B.C.’s coast?
If just 350 of you give $40 today, together we will reach our target.

Even though we still have a federal government bent on exporting oil to Asia through B.C., the tide is turning here on the West Coast. Public opposition is stronger than ever, political positions are heading in the right direction and oil tankers are shaping up to be a top issue in the provincial election in less than six months.

The tide is turning because of people like you coming together to stand up for what’s right.

We must ensure oil tankers are a deciding issue in the May 2013 B.C. elections so the next provincial government knows it has to act to protect the coast. This requires a powerful network of volunteers in communities across B.C. and the campaigners, communicators, organizers and sophisticated technology to keep it all working together. Will you give $40 to pay for grassroots volunteer training and coordination?

Together, we’ve accomplished so much this year. Here are just a few of the things that couldn’t have happening without your support:
  • Our summer petition team, paid for with your donations, collected 12,846 No Tankers petition signatures in key provincial swing ridings.
  • 1,228 volunteers downloaded the action kits you funded and fanned out into communities across B.C.
  • In September, 2,189 of you wrote to your local governments. They responded by passing the strongest provincial motion ever opposing all expansion of oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s coast.
  • 83,643 new people joined the No Tankers movement thanks to the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, two viral videos and the magic of social media.
  • In October, hundreds of you donated your time and money to help organize a province-wide day of action. More than 8,000 people participated in 72 rallies across the province.
  • Your donations allowed us to call 14,364 households in the ridings of B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake and Premier Christy Clark at a critical moment this summer.

Will you give $40 today so we can build on these success in the coming year protect B.C.’s coast once and for all?

It’s clear that together we are well on our way to defeating Enbridge’s oil tanker and pipeline project but it will be the show of strength by the No Tankers movement in May’s election that will propel opposition to Kinder Morgan’s oil tanker plans for southern B.C. and ultimately protect our coast for good.

For our coast,


P.S. Just a couple of years ago it seemed inevitable that pipelines would bring oil sands bitumen to our coast. Now, the tide has turned and we can dare to imagine victory. Please give what you can today to make sure we can seal the deal this spring.

3MIN News Dec.17th 2012: Earthquake/Solar Flare Watches Begin

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Why Smart Meters are Not So Smart

Hi everyone - I am forwarding on to you an email from Jerry Flynn (from Kelowna) to Andy Shadrack, Director - Area "D", Regional District Central Kootenays. For those of you who may have forgotten who Jerry Flynn is, I'm including a statement from him from an earlier email. Jerry knows what he is talking about when it comes to electromagnetic fields (EMF's). Thanks for taking the time to read this...and please send this email to others. Thanks, Cliff

My name is Jerry Flynn, and I'm a retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain who spent better than 22 of my 26 years in the military in the arcane fields of Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Radio Warfare. My most significant relevant postings in the military included two years as the Executive Officer and Operations Officer of one of Canada's most sensitive wireless radio stations, at which I directly employed more than 200 specially-trained radio operators and technicians. Following that I spent two years in National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare where I worked with Canada's and NATO army electronic warfare units

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Jerry Flynn" <>
Date: December 15, 2012 9:58:20 PM PST

Subject: RE: A Response to Jerry Flynn's Proposal (E6-7) Via The Commission's Letter (L-70-12)

Thank you for speaking out in support of me. That was both kind and actually quite brave of you. But I can assure you, the evidence I have compiled over these past two years will absolutely vindicate your confidence in me, for I am confident it is unassailable - provided the listener is genuinely interested in hearing the unvarnished truth. And that's what my presentation is all about - the unvarnished truth, not just about Smart Meters but about meshed-grid networks and the whole electromagnetic radiation (EMR) scourge which is enveloping and threatening our very lives. EMR is the real issue here - not simply Fortis's Smart Meters. Fortis' smart meters just happen to be easily the most dangerous and profligate EMR-emitter that mankind has seen to date. Fortis (nor any other utility) definitely does NOT want you/the public to hear what I have to say.

Until you've seen - and hopefully heard - my presentation, I ask only that you give me the benefit of the doubt when I make statements such as:
  • EMR is EMR, regardless of whether it's being emitted by a cell phone, wi-fi router or smart meter - its all the same;
  • EMR is accumulative, meaning that the EMR emitted by any device, such as a wi-fi router is added to the EMR emitted by, say, a cell phone ... or a smart meter ... or a baby monitor ... or a laptop computer ... or a Bluetooth device, etc. - it all adds to the ever-thickening "electrosmog" all of mankind is being forced to live under;
  • EMR is also cumulative, that is, scientists agree that it takes a certain number of hours over a person's lifetime for the damage to one's brain to manifest itself - whether those hours (as I recall, it's less than 2,000 hours) acccrue over a 10 or 15 year period or over a one-year period. The radiation simply adds up, much like a vehicle's odometer.
  • Independent scientists say the the ambient level of EMR in our society today is 1,000,000 times greater what it was just a decade ago!
  • The WHO (World Health Organization) classified all EMR a Class 2B ("Possible") carcinogen in May, 2011;
  • The WHO classified ELF (extremely low frequencies) radiation from power lines, substations, household wiring, household appliances a class 2B ("Possible") carcinogen back in 2002!
  • Contrary to what Fortis BC and Health Canada claim, Canada's "Exposure Limits" are actually the highest (most dangerous) in the world, because they are based on "Thermal" effects of EMR and ignore entirely the chronic, low-level, non-thermal effects of sharp bursts of pulsed microwave radiation. (Simply stated: Health Canada allows Canadians to be exposed to too much radiation, compared to other countries, which is hurting us and causing us illnesses, cancers, etc.)
  • Austria, the country with the safest (lowest) Exposure Limits - which are based on non-thermal effects and provide for an indefinite exposure time, has limits which are 10,000 times lower/safer than Canada's;
  • The Bioinitiative Report 2007, which increasingly independent scientists around the world are supporting as the most reasonable, science-based report available, recommends all countries of the world immediately reduce their "Limits" to 0.1 uW/cm2 - which, for Canada to comply would mean we'd have to lower/reduce our 'Limit' by 10,000 times!
  • Several key U.S. federal agencies, have attempted to have the U.S. Federal Gov.t classify EMR a "Possible" and even a "Probable" cause of cancer for over 30 years now! These include the EPA, FDA, NIEHS to name just a few. All have been ignored.
  • Even Canada's own National Research Council, in 2010, called for new biologically-based Exposure Limits to replace our present 'dangerous and outdated thermally-based limits.'
  • One should not attempt to discuss whether or not smart meters pose a health risk to humans and other life forms until one understands how mankind's knowledge of EMR evolved and of the historic (and still ongoing) tensions that exist between the 'establishment' (government, military and the industrial complex) and non-industry funded scientists regarding the alleged harmful effects to humans and other life forms caused by low-level, long-term non-thermal pulsed microwave radiation.
  • Post-war, non-industry funded scientists have been able to study EMR emitted by cell phones for more than 30 years, so they are able to say unequivocally that cancer has a latency period of 10 years or more; for some it may even be 20 years or more;
  • It is imperative also to understand the history of the two superpowers of the day (1940s/'50s: the USSR and USA) and that it is now known that the Russians established themselves clearly as the world's leader in radio frequency (RF) and microwave (M/W) radiation technology more than 60 years ago! The USA has been scrambling to 'catch-up' ever since. Starting back in the '40s and '50s the Soviets began methodically and painstakingly exploring and experimenting with the entire RF/M/W frequency spectrum focusing on the 800 MHz to 8.5 GHz bands to determine the properties of and best use for each specific frequency and what harmful effects, if any, humans would experience were they exposed to various levels of non thermal radiation. For each frequency Soviet scientists varied the times of exposure, the numbers of pulses per second, the polarization and levels of power to which the subjects were subjected, to measure the differences, if any. Many of these experiments involved power levels much, much lower than Canada's current 'Exposure Limits' allow for. In the meantime, the USA treated with disdain rumors reaching them about the Soviet experiments - until they eventually realized that they knew dangerously little about how chronic, low-level pulsed non-thermal radiation effects humans and other life forms. Suddenly for them, it was all about 'catch-up,' which they have been trying to do ever since.
  • The dangerous health effects caused by chronic low-level non-thermal radiation have been well documented and catalogued by the Soviets - - for more than 50 years! Yet, because of collusion in Western countries, especially the USA, Canada and Britain, our "establishment" has deliberately suppressed what we have since learned ourselves about non-thermal radiation and, instead we continue to be fed a steady diet of misinformation, disinformation and flat-out untruths. I have an overwhelming amount of unimpeachable evidence to support my assertions.
  • To contrast Europe with North America, consider that the Council of Europe (47 countries and 800-million people) and the European Union (27 independent states and 500-million people) together have urged their member countries to ban wi-fi and cell phones in all schools, in or near hospitals, in senior citizen's homes, etc. Yet here in Canada, because of the influence of the Federal Governement, Canada is bent on installing them, whether communities, school boards or parents want them or not.
  • The person spearheading Canada's push for everything wireless in every industrial sector is none other than fluently-bilingual Bernard Lord, QC, ONB, the former two-time Premier of N.B., who is rumored to be on the short-list of candidates to succeed Steven Harper when the latter eventually leaves the PM's office. His connections in governments across Canada are unrivalled.
Now for Fortis and their (they'd have us believe) proclaimed "safe" desirable, state-of-the-art technology: the smart meter - which has never been tested - let alone proven safe - in any country of the world.
  • They neglect to tell us that every Smart Meter contains two transmitters - both of which emit millisecond-long pulses of toxic Class 2B ("Possible") cancer causing microwave radiation: 1) the LAN (local area network) transmitter/receiver, whose function it is to provide the communications between the utility and all Smart Meters within a meshed-grid community; and,
    2) the "ZigBee" whose function it is to control the communications within the home between, i.e., to and from the 15-or-so 'smart' appliances each home is expected to have.
  • Fortis does not tell you that the ZigBee and all 'smart' appliances will transmit on the same frequency on which microwave ovens operate - 2.4 GHz! This means that each and every home will have 16-or-so pulsing microwave transmitters emitting radiation on the same frequency on which microwave ovens operate! People need to know this; all levels of government need to know this!
  • The LAN transmitter constitutes a home's 17th transmitter, which operates on 900 MHz, but Fortis does not mention that a LAN transmitter radiates for distances up to 3 Km! This statement alone means that in most meshed-grid communities, each home will radiate - and be radiated by -every other home in the entire community!People need to know this; all levels of government need to know this!
  • Fortis does not tell us the LAN transmitter/receiver circuits are active virtually constantly, as was stated in a court of law in California by Pacific Gas & Electric, and which was later corroborated by Silver Springs Networks in their hearing before the California Public Utilities Commission;
  • Fortis does not tell us that just the LAN transmitter- all by itself - emits millisecond-long pules of M/W radiation, on average, 14,000 times per day (every 6 seconds) up to a maximum of 190,000 pulses per day (that's every 0.45 seconds)!
  • Fortis never mentions the "Collector" meter which has yet a 3rd transmitter; nor does Fortis tell us that this particular meter is active virtually non-stop 24/7/365 as it facilitates all communications - in both directions - between the utility and each appliance in every home in the entire meshed-grid community!
  • Nor does Fortis tell anyone that the Collector meter could either be pole-mounted or attached to some poor unsuspecting customer's house. The amount of EMR emitted by a Collector meter in a community would be absolutely unimaginable and frightening!
  • Nor does Fortis provide information about or make any reference to the countless 'relays' that will occur on each and every emission from each and every home - in both directions - in order for any transmission to be completed successfully.
  • As can be seen from the above, wireless smart meters/meshed-grid networks will emit incalculable if not unimaginable aggregate amounts of toxic Class 2B ("Possible") cancer-causing pulsed microwave EMR - most of which will be emitted on 2.4 GHz - the very same frequency on which microwave ovens operate!
  • It is only when one is aware, and has a basic understanding of the EMR environment in which we already live, that we can begin to grasp that whatever total or aggregate amount of EMR a meshed-grid network would blanket a neighborhood with, that horrific, criminal amount would only then be added to the ambient and dangerous level of EMR already in that community from the countless other wireless emitters flooding communities everywhere! It is terribly important that the reader understands this.
This should give you a better understanding of why I'm so terribly passionate about this unbelievably insane 'experiment' for which all Canadians are being made helpless guinea pigs - without recourse! As I've said in my previous correspondence, one could not exaggerate the unprecedented dangers we all will face and have to live with were Fortis' application to be approved. To think that this evil, cruel, heartless and terribly dangerous technology is being literally forced on innocent, unsuspecting communities who know literally nothing about this technology, is disgraceful and disgusting beyond belief! Worse still, Fortis and electric utilities everywhere are deliberately and knowingly duping the public into believing this technogy is perfectly safe and benign and higly desirable, when in fact smart meters offer the average home owner not one single, meaningful advantage over the current day analogue meter. After all, since electricity was invented all homeowners have ever wanted was to have a reasonably accurate meter that would tell them honestly how much they owed for the electricity they had consumed during the previous payment period. Smart meters benefit only one party - the electric utility, contrary to all their incredibly expensive hyped-up marketing baloney.
I've discussed only health issues here, but there are other very serious and emotionally disturbing issues about Smart Meters which, in and of themselves, should justify denying Fortis' application, such as: 1) monthly bills invariably increase - often substantially; 2) cyber security; 3) security, safety and sanctity of the home (not having to worry about mysterious meter-related fires for which no ulility anywhere has ever admitted culpability nor accepted financial responsibility; 4) invasion of one's personal privacy and personal information; and, 5) definitely national security - all of which I am able and prepared to speak to, should my request to make a powerpoint presentation be granted. Given my career in clandestine military communications and NATO-recognized expertise and qualifictions, I should think, in all modesty, that even Fortis BC's lawyers would have to consider me an "expert" at least in the field of National Security and Cyber-Security, if nothing else.
Andy, in the above, I have tried to make it abundantly clear why I have felt obliged to come out of retirement - at my age: 77! I have a moral and personal obligation to fight this insanity now threatening us all with every fibre in my body. With my firsthand technical knowledge and military background, I cannot remain silent; I must make myself heard! Independent scientists (I can name several) have said: "This is the biggest single threat to human health in the 21st century." Others say:"This is the biggest single technological experiment ever undertaken without the knowledge or consent of the subjects." We simply need to make it stop! We need to get our officials and governments to listen to us, to look at the evidence; to divorce themselves from the telecom industry and to start protecting the public. This whole EMR debacle is reminscent of the Tobacco and Asbestos industry fiascos, only this is far worse than both of them combined - and you can't see it, can't touch it; can't hear it, and can't smell it. Yet it's everywhere. The problem is real but the evidence is truly overwhelming and growing by the day!
Thank you once again for your support,
Jerry Flynn

3MIN News December 16, 2012: Planetary Positions & Quake/Flare Watch

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Vampire of Macondo

This looks like an excellent well researched book about the Gulf Oil Disaster.

3MIN News December 15, 2012: Huge Sunspot Region Cometh

I am late posting the news today as my computer was not working earlier.

How to Start your own petition

Dear friends,

Think of a petition you'd like to start on any issue -- it takes just a few minutes to create your own campaign! If your petition takes off, it may become an Avaaz campaign -- either to members in your area, or even to the whole world.

Start a campaign
This is a huge moment for Avaaz. If you join in, we might just move from having a small team of 50 campaigners to having 50,000!!

When I started Avaaz, it was just a crazy idea. But I loved the idea, and shared it, and now it's an idea that 17,000,000 people share! It blows me away how every day Avaaz members send in brilliant and important ideas for new campaigns to create the world we all want -- but it’s more than our small staff could ever carry out alone.

So, to unlock all the incredible potential of our community to change the world, we developed our website tools to allow anyone to instantly start their *own* online petitions, tell friends, and win campaigns.

Avaazers have already won incredible victories -- When thousands signed Shanker's petition to save fellow Indians locked in Bahrain by abusive employers, India’s biggest paper said his “lone voice earning support from thousands on the internet” helped to free the workers. In New Zealand, 17-year old Leona’s petition to protect a pristine marine reserve from polluting fish farms was signed by so many people that a major newspaper said it “highlighted overwhelming public opposition” and made it an issue politicians couldn't ignore.

It is super easy to do. Think of a petition you'd like to start on any issue -- something in your local community, some injustice by a distant corporation, or a global cause that you think others would care about. If your petition takes off, it may become an Avaaz campaign -- either to members in your area, or even to the whole world! Click here to get started -- it takes just a few minutes to create your own campaign!

I'm so excited about this. In just six years, Avaaz has run an incredible number of hard-hitting campaigns and grown to be the largest-ever global movement for change, all with just a tiny staff -- imagine what's possible with all of us starting and winning amazing campaigns! I can't wait.

With much respect and hope,


P.S. If you're not yet ready to start your own campaign, consider forwarding this email to a friend. We all know someone who's itching to change the world or some piece of it -- and this new tool is a powerful way to do it:


Online campaign to aid of Indian workers in Bahrain (The Times of India)

Teen presents salmon farm petition (Marlborough Express) is a 17-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Drunvalo Melchizedeck~3 day series~12/20/21/22


Here we are! We have made it to the time of the changing of the guard. The male consciousness, who has protected us for the last 13,000 years, comes to completion and the new guard, the female consciousness, prepares for her regal assent onto the world stage. She will lead us into a new balance an d a new way for humanity to express its' love for each other. What an honor to be alive at this moment!
During this transitional time, Drunvalo Melchizedeck and One Lotus Studios will share this experience with you by broadcasting a three-day series. This series is dedicated to answering your deepest questions, guiding you in meditation into your sacred heart - to sense and feel this magnificent heavenly union of the Earth, the Sun and the Center of the Galaxy. Drunvalo will accompanying you as you feel this new cycle of F eminine Consciousness as it emerges upon our beloved Earth.
If you feel it in your heart to be with us on December 20, 21, and 22, we will be honored to assist you in remembering your intimate connection to the Source of Life during this remarkable transition.
Please go to for more information.
This is free for the world and good for your soul.