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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Clouds This Day~

Today I took advantage of an hour of sunshine for suntanning, and photographed our local skies. They were a mix of geoengineered (chemtrail) clouds, mother nature clouds and perhaps a sylph  or two, that assisted with clearing some of those chemicals and parting the skies for sun to get thru. Here are a few clouds of the day. And one cat hanging with me for grounding. If you right click on the top photo,then all will be enlarged. Then you find some oddities at times. Lovenlight!
Oh and I always imagine a big starship hovering over the mountain this cloud today was fun to watch...
Dear friends,

This picture shows the bloodied bodies of dozens of innocent children, brutally murdered by the Syrian regime. As a parent, these images are almost unbearable, but I know we must not look away -- and that we can help end this slaughter. Our governments are deciding what to do right now. But they will settle for hand wringing diplomacy unless we demand firm action. Sign the urgent petition to send in thousands of UN monitors to protect the Syrian people in every region now:

Sign the petition
The pictures from Al Houla, Syria, last Friday are almost too brutal to look at. I have a 5 year old daughter and I know it's only luck of birth that separates her from this horror. But my shock led me to write this today as I know there is something we can all do together to stop this.

Dozens of children lie covered with blood, their faces show the fear they felt before death, and their innocent lifeless bodies reveal an unspeakable massacre. These children were slaughtered by men under strict orders to sow terror. Yet all the diplomats have come up with so far is a few UN monitors 'observing' the violence. Now, governments across the world are expelling Syrian ambassadors, but unless we demand strong action on the ground, they will settle for these diplomatic half-measures.

The UN is discussing what to do right now. If there were a large international presence across Syria with a mandate to protect civilians, we could prevent the worst massacres while leaders engage in political efforts to resolve the conflict. I cannot see more images like these without shouting from the rooftops. But to stop the violence, it is going to take all of us, with one voice, demanding protection for these kids and their families. Click to call for UN action now and send this to everyone:

A child's death is tragic in any circumstance. The UN says 108 people were killed in the onslaught, 49 of them children under the age of 10, and the youngest was a 2 year old girl. 90% of the population of Al Houla has now fled their homes. As I put my daughter to bed last night, I tried to consider what the mothers and fathers and grandparents of these children feel. The sheer pain and desperation is unimaginable, but there will also be deep anger and hate for those that did this. Until all of us stop these attacks on the people of Syria, the cycle of violence will not end.

Let's not forget -- this bloodbath began over a year ago with thousands of people peacefully protesting on the streets -- calling, like their brothers and sisters across the region, for freedom and democracy. But the regime responded with brutality and violence -- murdering, torturing, abducting and laying siege to entire cities. The international community did not intervene, letting geopolitical concerns obstruct our responsibility to protect. Then, in desperation to protect their families and fight back against the repression, some took up arms. Now it is an armed conflict -- and if the world continues to do nothing it will become a full blown sectarian war that may last for generations and breed the kind of terrorist attacks we have yet to imagine in our worst nightmares.

When dozens of children are murdered in cold blood by the army and their militias -- it is time for serious action. Assad, his henchmen and his murderous army must be held to account and the people of Syria protected. Nothing the international community has done yet has pried Assad from his murderous grip on power. The few UN monitors on the ground were powerless to stop the Al Houla killings -- they only served to count the tiny bodies. But if we sent in hundreds of monitors to each of the fourteen regions of Syria, Assad's assassins would think twice.

The world looked away with Srebrenica, and with Rwanda. If all of us respond today -- we can make sure that these children's tragic deaths act as the tipping point for all of us everywhere to say NO MORE! But if we turn away, so will our leaders. Let's join voices from every corner of the earth and make it impossible for our leaders to ignore our cry. In respect for these dear children and their families, click to join the global call to demand a massive UN presence on the ground now!

The Avaaz community has stood with the people of Syria for fifteen months, denouncing the Syrian regime, calling for sanctions, supporting communities across the country with aid, and giving equipment to citizen journalists to get the word out about the violence. Let's today make the Al Houla massacre the watershed moment for change and insist that our governments no longer stand by shaking their heads and turning their backs.

With deep sadness and determination,

Alice and the whole Avaaz team


Annan: 'Bold steps' needed for Syria peace (Al Jazeera)

UN envoy 'horrified' by Syria massacre, 108 dead (AP)

Fresh violence in Syria despite Annan warning (BBC)

Exclusive dispatch: Assad blamed for massacre of the innocents (The Independent)

Syrian Ambassadors expelled (The Guardian)

Support the Avaaz Community!
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that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

5/29/2012 -- Italy earthquakes = FRACKING! Two DOZEN people dead in two ...

Tibetan bowl sound healing with Mikael King, Kaua'i

Last Saturday at the market in Nelson where I sell my wares, this young man came by and chatted a bit. He got some lip balm from me and handed me a flyer as he was doing a super solar eclipse Sunday in Nelson. I thought he was an extremely bright light with alot of aloha eminating from him. We chatted about Kauai, where he lives and where I once lived for awhile and visited alot in the '80's. I found some clips on youtube and thought to share one. Eh ma ho!

Dear Linda,
The court has officially endorsed the government's secret campaign to convict Bradley Manning of 'aiding the enemy.'
Judge Colonel Denise Lind refused to dismiss the charge at Manning's last hearing, supporting the government's total refusal to show how Manning knowingly provided intelligence to al Qaeda by publishing it online.1
So in addition to our wall-to-wall coverage, we're taking action. FDL's Kevin Gosztola just joined Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman and others to order Judge Col. Lind to grant the press and public access to court filings, court orders and transcripts of Bradley Manning's proceedings.2
Your invaluable support has helped us keep the world apprised of Bradley Manning's case, and we're doing everything we can to fight for fair justice. Kevin is heading back to Ft. Meade on June 6 for the next pre-trial hearing, and we need your help to send him there.
With your help, we'll continue to send Kevin to Fort Meade to provide his premier live-coverage of one of the most important whistleblower cases in our nation's history as well as our advocacy for greater transparency and fair justice for Bradley Manning. As Kevin wrote:
While I have concerns about the constitutional implications posed by a government intent to convict Manning in secret, I find that my experience as a credentialed media reporter, who has been attending Manning's legal proceedings since December of last year, gives me the authority and obligation to oppose the ridiculousness that is the judge's decision to dismiss concerns from the press about lack of access to court filings. And so, I support this challenge as a member of the press whose job has been complicated unnecessarily by the government's penchant for secrecy in the Manning proceedings." [3]
Your support has even helped break the media silence on a local level: our campaign to write letters to local media outlets demanding more coverage of Bradley Manning's trials accrued over 11,000 letters, and Op-Eds were published in local papers like the Lebanon Daily News4 and the Ukiah Daily Journal.5
Together, we've done incredible work to spotlight Bradley's court proceedings and complicate the government's efforts to convict him in secret. Please support Kevin Gosztola's coverage of Bradley Manning's June 6th pre-trial hearing, on-location at Fort Meade.
Thank you again for all you do to support our work and Bradley's right to fair justice. Don't forget to head over to starting June 6 for coverage of the pre-trial hearing; you can find all of Kevin's past Bradley Manning coverage there as well.
In solidarity,
Brian Sonenstein
Director of Online Activism,

5/29/2012 -- 5.8 magnitude Earthquake in Italy = Unrest continues

Space Weather News for May 29, 2012

ASTEROID FLYBY: A small asteroid is flying past Earth today inside the orbit of geosynchronous satellites and only 14,000 km above the surface of our planet. Named "2012 KT42," the 3- to 10-meter wide space rock ranks #6 on the top-20 list of known close-approachers to Earth, which makes it significant despite its small size. More information and images may be found on .

OWN YOUR OWN SPACE ROCK: Authentic meteorites, including meteorite jewelry, are on sale now in the Space Weather Store:

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of

New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at .

Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Dailies

A double rainbow out back of Moontime Pub in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Oops, my friend got her finger in the photo!

Well this week was a full one. I have been doctoring Puff's paw for a couple of weeks now which was quite injured and the wound took alot of cleaning and administering to. Then I slipped away to Idaho for a couple of days to pick up supplies for my little cottage industry, BCSpiritSoap, and visited girlfriends. I got all the neat numbers on my way to Idaho, the 222's and 444's. So I knew it would be a good guided visit. I had an amazing deep body work massage , with a man who could get in to the muscles and press all the sore areas deeply, thereby releasing alot of held in pain. His intuition was over the top and I was treated for an hour and a half and it was so worth the price. I want to have another of his treatments next time in Idaho. Went to my favourite pub, Moontyme , and just knew a rainbow was happening outside. And there was too...a double rainbow! Home again now and did the second outdoor market of the new season. It was fun to be back with others who vend their wares. Puff's paw is finally healed enough to let her back outside as she has been inside for 2 weeks during the healing.I also was gifted with several boxes of Tibetan incense from a monastery in S.India that we have helped out over the years. That was an unexpected surprise indeed! I will share the incense with friends who appreciate it and where it came from.  So that is the dailies of last week til NOW and light and peace to you this most interesting of years. 2012.

An Open Letter to the Mainstream English Media, From Montreal |

An Open Letter to the Mainstream English Media, From Montreal |

An honouring

Recently my friends magnificent kitty, named Kimba, left this realm for the higher planes . He was a real lover of a male cat, and quite stately too. My friends loved him very much as did their other cat Claudia, and dog Sophie. I am sure that all of them this week are very much missing their Kimba kitty. It is always such an adjustment when one of our family members leaves us. Oh we know that where they are is a place of love and light and peace, yet it is still difficult for us to really feel that when we miss their physical presence so much. I hope that when I die to this realm, that I get to be with all the animals whom I have so loved this lifetime. My love goes out to my friends in their time of change, and I am glad that I knew their magnificent cat once upon a time when they all lived here in the village. To Kimba, may you fly with the angels and enjoy your new light body.
This older photo shows Kimba sitting next to his buddy Sophie the dog.Kimba looks quite Buddha like with those eyes! The humans are there for the lovins! And who knows who the blue orb is ...perhaps a light being hanging out with the four footed angels that day. Eh ma ho.

We The Tiny House People (Documentary): Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Sh...

Ah , here is a film sent today from Marvin, on tiny houses.

5/27/2012 -- What is near the sun?

Ah then, as James at Eceti and others indicate, this well could be our off worlder friends, (the bennies I call them) helping to keep the flares that would take us out so to speak, from hitting earth so major like. How fortunate for us !

Friday, 25 May 2012

Dogwood Initiative
Hi Linda,
I am poor. I cannot afford even 20 bucks. I can donate my time and passion for the cause though. Is there anything I can do?”

“I am on pension and not able to donate, as with prices of everything going up faster than my pension, I have not been able to make ends meet over the last few months. Let me know if there is something I can do, even though I have no money to put out there.”

“I can't even cover my food a full month so I cannot chip in to help you. I can help by getting the addresses and names of people who need contacting and mail them from here.”

In my last couple of emails I have asked you all to give what you can to help us put the pressure on the B.C. government to do the right thing and protect our coast from oil spills and tankers. In return we have received hundreds of gifts (Thank-you) and also many interesting notes. But it’s not easy out there and we do receive some heart-rending messages like those above.

Let me make this perfectly clear donating to the No Tankers campaign is just one way among many to stand up for the coast. Tell a friend, write a letter, collect petition signatures and organize in your own community – and, if you can, contribute a few dollars so that we can reach out to thousands more people like you.

We can win. We can stop the pipelines and proudly tell our grandchildren that we did, but we must act together. That is why Dogwood needs your help to put our canvass team on the streets to make our movement against tankers so large that we are irresistible.

Since we started this appeal ten days ago 424 of you have donated over twenty-four thousand dollars. We still need to raise five thousand dollars this week to keep the issue of oil spills top-of-mind for voters. Can you contribute $5, $10 or $20 today?

For our coast,

Eric, Celine, Emma, Erika & Karl

P.S. Is life treating you well? If so perhaps you can dig a little deeper for those who can’t but wish they could.

P.P.S We’re up against oil companies with billions of dollars in their arsenal, but we have the power of hundreds of thousands of people like you working together. Strengthen our network with a donation today and help make history.

The Fork~Spiritclips Films

This is a beautiful little clip our friend Marvin sent today. It is called The Fork by Spiritclips..Here is the link for it.

Buckle up for June! ~James Gilliland

Buckle Up For June

By James Gilliland

It has been an interesting May with the Solar Eclipse and the alignment with the Pleiades, Alcyon. Several CMEs coronal mass ejections have also shifted the energies. We are seeing another major time compression where days seem like hours, weeks like days and months like weeks. Many are reporting contacts with Angelic realms, Ascended Masters, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, our ancient ancestors, as well as some of what was thought to be mythical Gods of old. In meditations people are seeing visions of Poseidon, now Prometheus, Egyptian Gods in what seems to be a great reunion. Prometheus the God of fire might just be warning us about the upcoming Solar Flares just as Poseidon warned us about the tsunamis in the past.

On a more scientific note Solar Cycle 24 has fully kicked in and according to NASA it is expected to be 50% stronger than 23; which unleashed monumental flares. I would not have any expectations for the electrical and communication grid to go unaffected or even go down now and then possibly for months. The GPS equipment and cell phones are already having problems along the equator due to massive energy bands forming which seem to reverse direction wreaking havoc on airlines and other modalities of travel depending on GPS for navigation. Earthquakes in areas never before seen in are unfolding and with these flares will come and increase in erratic weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, quakes and volcanic activity.

There will also be major social and economic changes as well as personal relationship changes all having to do with this process. The Earth is ascending, raising her frequencies, people and institutions that do not align with the Earth's evolution and are not frequency specific will not be able to maintain with these new energies. We are getting overwhelmed with emails from people going through their dark night of the soul, trying to hold on to the past and refusing to let go of their comfort zones and embrace the changes gracefully. We are doing our best to help those in transition yet we are also having our own challenges and will continue to send out personal healing practices empowering people to heal themselves as well as knowledge about these changes to help in the transition. It is good to know you are not alone in these challenges and the greatest healer you will ever encounter is within. We also acknowledge there is a time to assist as we are assisted thus we offer various modalities of healing at the Ranch.

June we will have a full moon lunar eclipse on the 4th followed by a Venus transit. We do live in an electric universe, the Moon and Venus will bridge other cosmic and solar energies to Earth. It seems the whole timeless multiverse with all of its Gods and ultradimensional beings are coming to the party. The multidimensional light and energy ships are being seen around the world with major cities observing large motherships and in some cases fleets. Those who are spiritual advanced and sensitive are fully aware of this phenomena. Looks like SETI members, debunkers and disinformation folks are jumping ship and don't want to be caught with egg on there faces. Local news stations are covering these events yet national news is still following the corporate agenda holding tight to the powers that were agenda. This will not last much longer.

As Baba ji said, " It is time to lovingly and joyously prepare, physically, mentally and emotionally." Do not forget all aspects in preparation because those who prepare physically and do not release the past preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually will not endure or be frequency specific to the Earth's evolution. It is also good to remember Confucius, " Man with head in clouds, stumble in ditch." Get in touch with the Earth, put in your gardens, get access for fresh water, set aside some supplies for any disruptions and work together in the days to come. You cannot eat your paper money or your plastic especially if the gird goes down. Also remember gas and water pumps wont work not to mention sewage that needs to be pumped. Not a good note to end this message.

It is imperative you do not get into fear, do not fall for the feel good prophets promoting a false sense of security that will tell you everything will continue uninterrupted due to saviors or those who tell you the Earth is finished along with all of its inhabitants. She will go on and on yet we have to be realistic. We all are involved in a major cycle, she is expanding, growing, shifting, shaking and cleansing. If you look at what has been done to the air, water, land, forests, oceans it is inevitable a major cleansing is necessary for her to continue to be the platform for life and support us in our own cleansing and healing process. What if on the other side of this process was a polluted, desolate planet? We all have to flow with these changes, release the past, let go of our comfort zones establishing and acting on our own inner guidance. Do not be a lemming of social consciousness or follow the herd of the cliff of social, economic and environmental collapse. Discontinue any action that is not in the highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth. Your TV is not going to tell you what you need to know in the days to come. Between now and November we are going to go through what would have taken a thousand years in months. Be well, be safe, tune in and act.

Permission to pass this message far and wide, granted.

James Gilliland

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Healing~Clearing Technique ~James Gilliland~Eceti

Here is a healing technique that James Gilliland shares in his books. I have used a version of it for some years now and always feel lighter when I do. While some folks these days do not feel we need to be clearing or releasing anything or one, I still resonate with clearing is James method.
Many have asked for this healing technique during these amazing shifts of energy where the veils between worlds get thinner and thinner. Practice and do them until you feel clear. If you dont like what you are feeling, do a healing.
Healing is a must for all those who desire to operate in other realms of consciousness. You must have self - authority and maintain control.If you are experiencing negative vibrations, they are either thought forms, limiting mental concepts,psychic bonds or discarnate entities(lost souls) in need of healing. They are bound to the earth vibration due to lower vibrational attitudes and emotions. Some are coercive and desire to manipulate or control.Love heals. Casting out only sends them to another place, another personal . IN all healings, remember that god is love. It is the power of love that heals and lifts., We will give you the following steps to clear the energy.

1. Close your aura by visualizing a white or gold light around you.

2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus,Buddha,Babaji,Mary,Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the beautiful Many Christed Ones.

3.Tell the entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened.(repeat is you feel it is needed)

4.Tell them that they are filled and surrounded with the Christ light and the Christ love (or the highest consciousness and energy available)

5.Ask that your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place and highest expression.

6.Ask that all negative thought forms, and limiting mental concepts be dissolved, and lifted into the light of truth.

7.Ask that all psychic bonds be severed, and close their auras to all but spirit of the highest vibration.

Repeat this process until you feel clear. There may be more than one healing to do. Remember that your word is very powerful, and what is spoken on their level manifests instantly. Many enlightened ones use this process before opening. It creates a clear and safe environment and it also lifts the one who is doing the healing. Intent is nine-tenths of the law!

Hope this helps, please share with your family and friends.
If you are interested further, I encourage you to order James books through our

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today's Interplanetary Shock Wave

Eclipse Photos ~Northern California

  This photo is the eclipse shown through the tree leaves. It was taken on Banner Mt. in Nevada County, California by Molly Matheson. Molly is a young talented photographer and a daughter of old friends of mine in Nevada City. Oh to be able to visit those friends again! I would have loved to be there, in their backyard, having a bbq like in the old days. Sigh. Ah well, I am happy to see a photo from there at least. Thanks Molly for permission to post this photo. ah since I have learned noone but me can see this photo here is the link for it..sigh.

And this photo is taken through a 30 year old grapevine in my friend Jill Matheson's yard in Northern California as well. Jill is Molly's aunty. I love the way the eclipse makes those abstractions.Gratitude to Jill as well for sending a photo of the eclipse that they are fortunate to be underneath directly! whoo hooooooo...Jill said some other old friends of ours are bbqueing and playing the Dark Side of the Moon album. Now how fun is that? The link now for what has been the invisible photo...hee hee

Earthquake strikes N.Italy

Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer of The Logical Song

I have been so blessed to see this man perform several times in my life.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

5/19/2012 -- Very severe weather = CO, OK, TX, KS, MO, NE, IA, MN, MI, T...

Jo Dunning~Eclipse Event

New chakra banner

We Will Be Blessed by an Amazing Event!!!

This Sunday, May 20, at 4:24 PM, PDT, there will be a Solar Eclipse that happens only once every 25,920 years!!! It will last just over two hours. On the West Coast of the United States it will be from 4:24-6:42 PM, PDT and will be at its peak at 4:47 PM, PDT.

Your location will determine how much of the eclipse you will see. The full eclipse will be visible from parts of China, on across much of the Pacific, to the West Cost of the United States and across the Southwest United States. Then the sun will set and the eclipse will no longer be visible.
Even if you can't see the eclipse, the wonderful energy will still reach you wherever you may live!

If you want to see the eclipse, do not look directly at the sun during the eclipse without proper protection. Sunglasses are not enough! The intense light can still quickly and permanently damage your vision. Only use special solar glass filters or solar glasses designed for solar viewing or welders glass.

There is an easy and safe way to watch the sun as it moves through the eclipse. You can simply stand under a tree and look at the pattern of the shadow of leaves on the ground as the light filters through them. Their shadow will be the shape of the eclipse of the sun. Or you can spread your fingers apart and lay them on top of each other in a waffle pattern. The light that goes through your fingers onto the ground will also be the shape of the eclipse and will change as the eclipse progresses.

This Solar Eclipse is created by an alignment of our Earth, Moon and our Sun. However, the amazing energy of this very rare event is created by the simultaneous alignment of our Earth, Moon and Sun with the Central Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy located in the Pleiades. This Central Sun is named Alcyone.
This is the alignment that only happens every 25,920 years!!!

For the Earth to move into this alignment with our galactic Central Sun, we must pass into a powerful Photon Belt. Our planet moves through this photon belt only once in our 26,000 year orbit around the Central Sun of our galaxy. The photons have a very powerful affect on our consciousness and all life on Earth and in our solar system! They are essential to our life, health and functioning! The huge influx of photons create and end of one age and the shift into the next.
We are shifting now into The Golden Age!!!

Photons are very high frequencies of light, which also have the capacity to change to matter and then back to Light again! Our bodies absorb the photons from our Sun when they touch our skin. Einstein discovered the speed of the vibration of the photon as it moves around the nucleus of a cell reduces the effects of gravity.
Photon speed is what produces levitation in very Light filled Beings!!
Our solar system is moving into this photon belt right now! The photons are filling our Earth, our bodies and our consciousness. This huge influx of light is affecting our body, our mind and our emotions. We are absorbing more and more Light which is increasing our vibration and changing our perspective about all of life! We are all in the process of transformation!!!

The old ways are leaving, our body is being cleansed, our sleep patterns are shifting, our old emotional "baggage" is being cleared out, our mind is unable to function in its old ways, outdated beliefs and habits becomes glaringly obvious, our relationships are changing and our life is moving into the chaos of change and on into transformation.
Perhaps you have been experiencing some of these things!

With so much change going on inside of us right now, this is the perfect time to draw in and focus the full amplification offered by the photon energy. We can use this energy to create a more graceful and comfortable passage through the changes and into Awakening!

To refocus this energy and assist our Being during this challenging time, The Marriage of The Pineal and Pituitary is being offered this Thursday night! This Initiation will assist during this accelerated time of rapid growth and change.

The Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary blends the energy the Heavens which enter our Pineal Gland with the energies of the Pituitary governing our human functioning. When they are joined in this Sacred Union, we can progress more quickly and smoothly through the chaos process of change and transformation and into our full Divinity.

The Initiation is available by Internet WEBINAR. Once you are registered you can also choose to go about your daily routine and still receive the Initiation even if you can't actively listen to the Webinar.
This is the perfect time to receive this Initiation and gather the maximum benefit of the Solar Eclipse and Photon energies!

Those who have already received this Initiation before or other Initiations always enjoy participating again! They find the effects are multiplied and increased even more! With each Initiation you are even better prepared and more advanced to receive and integrate a greater influx of energy and transform your Being!
Cost $185

Friday, 18 May 2012

Eclipse Portal: Birth of the 5D Being

By On · Add Comment · In The 5D Report

First of all, welcome to the new ThinkWithYourHeart.COM!
It feels SO GOOD to be back, but even more exciting to finally be here and now. Before I get you all caught up, I first want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude for the time/space I was provided with and personally needed over the last four months to tend to my own transformation and needs. I know first hand how difficult the first quarter of this year has been for many, and for that reason alone I am so appreciative of the sacred space that I could feel being held for me during a time when I desperately needed to put myself first.
So for that and for each of you, thank you for being beautiful!
The transition from TWYH dot NET to dot COM symbolizes so many new beginnings on so many levels…many of which I am still unaware of…but the most obvious to me so far is in the timing of it all. I really wanted dot com when I originally began writing online in 2007, but (ironically) it did not become available to purchase until exactly the end of 2011, right when I was completing my first level mission of service for phase I of ascension.
From where we are now (on the cusp of phase II) it’s more obvious to me that DOT NET was specifically for the journey out of the old world and ways, whereas DOT COM will be for the exciting expedition into the new world and new (5D) ways. But like most of the last decade, I had very little idea where I was headed… and tho I still have no real idea where I am going, I finally know that I AM. Luckily, that’s all we need for this next voyage.
Then to Now
Since my last energy update at the beginning of January, and directly following the completion of my new e-program, Cell Speak™, I went into what felt like an even more extreme version of transformation hibernation…if that’s even possible. Like many of you, I spent the bulk of the last 4 months
prone immersed so deeply within myself…enduring the ongoing pains of (re)birth, completely focused on clearing all remaining falsities and core-level (e)goo. If I thought I was disconnected from the outside world during the last 7 years on this journey to finding my authentic self, I would now consider those years “social” in comparison to 2012 so far. Personally, I have found this last jaunt, the total realignment of the most dense aspects of ourselves (emotional and physical bodies), to be THE most challenging to date…and that’s putting it mildly.
Not that it’s over yet, but for those in the throes of their own rebirth, it’s pretty easy to discern that we are full-on in the contractions of physical labor…with all the emotions (& pain!) to boot. It’s like we are first time mothers with no idea what to expect during and after the actual birth and we are both giddy with anticipation, and jittery with anxiety about the unknown. And from what I am hearing, the next four weeks are going to be solidly packed with even more internal and external changes as the mutation process intensifies…which is why the Seven Sisters are kindly stepping up as our destiny doulas, wanting to offer some pointers to help keep us focused and breathing as they guide us thru the complete emergence of our 5D self.
5D Life, 3D World
The birth of this website signifies a major shift…both in our lives, and in the world at large. That difference exists between 3D and 5D… BEcoming to BEing…and what that will mean to a growing number of people. From what I can tell so far, and with the invisibles input, we are preparing to set sail on some brand new waters, with a brand new vessel, and even a brand new compass. We are literally emerging as a new-humanity, in a new-world, with a whole new perspective (“whole” being the operative word here)…but while simultaneously coexisting in the old world and dismantling structures to serve the purpose of bridging realities. Oh yea, and with no map.
BTW, if you are beginning to feel like a (new)human experiment, join the club. This next phase feels very Truman-show-esque to me. In fact, this is why DOT COM was created….as a gathering place to stay connected with those of like-heart, mostly to check-in with “reality” now and again as we explore, discover and ultimately (co)create the new world. Of which, there will be a tremendous learning curve, based on my recent conversations with the sisters. The bottom line is that we have no idea how/what we are supposed to be doing in this new space, and that’s kinda the point…that we are not supposed to do anything anymore…we only need to do what’s in our hearts, what inspires us, what we are drawn to do, what brings us true creative passion and boundless joy. Obligation is so 2011. Empowered choice is the new black.
Not only that, but we are fixin’ to bring these brand new perspectives to the world at large, in a very real & practical way..upholding our expanded, 5th dimensional presence while maintaining our physical existence (& livelihood) in the 3d dimensional (modern) world. From the Pleiadian point of view, this has never been done before in this way, and so we have some figuring out to do. Things like…how do we relate to the outside world now that know, in a visceral way, that the whole world is within us? Or how do we maintain an unfiltered connection with Source while buying corn at the Piggly Wiggly? How do we co-exist between worlds, relate to others, find our community, manage our relationships & boundaries, stay grounded & clear in disharmonious environments, operate and upkeep our new biology suits, etc, etc.? We have so much experiencing to do!
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That’s what the next leg of this journey is for…to figure out how to literally and physically exist in a world we’ve been creating in our heads for so long. We’ve come full circle and so we gotta get back to basics again and learn how to live a new-earth life in a new-human body…but with a galactic-human perspective. Most of us on this journey feel as tho we have been dropped off on the wrong planet, so you may agree that getting in a physical body (and staying in there…willingly) while learning how to sustain ourselves in the physical world (biologically/financially) is the true sorcery.
We all know that this embodiment business is for the birds, it’s the hardest work we will ever do in a lifetime…which is exactly why so many people prefer to pretend it’s not necessary and displace their power onto external sources to save/support/sustain them. And I can’t say I blame them…taking our power back and grounding our authentic selves into the earth is excruciating work.
But without it…without bringing every aspect of ourselves to THIS physical life, in THIS physical body, in THIS every moment, we have absolutely no chance of sustaining ourselves in THIS physical world…which is why we are right now being stripped of every last illusion, delusion or escapism that threatens to keep us from claiming our power as the true creators of our reality. And this no picnic…there are some uncomfortable revelations surfacing, and will continue to surface, in an attempt to expose the truth in every way, shape and form.
We all know, on a mental level, that there is no one “out there” to save us from anything…never has been. But integrating that knowing on a body-based level is where all the real work is/has been. The new world is here, but it exists within each of us, and it is 100% up to us to step into it. It is not a physical space by which we inhabit (yet), it’s a realm of consciousness by which we embody. It is/will be a world created by the direction and intelligence of (universal) LOVE, by those who have achieved the full radiance of (universal) LOVE…an amalgamation of those who have crossed over, and those preparing to cross over.
(re crossing over…the sisters quickly throw in that for the next decade or so, some of us will be maintaining space where the old and new converge (both in the physical and online world). These convergences are where those new humans with contracts to serve as bridgers (teachers/guides/healers,etc.) will have the opportunity to escort new peeps over to the new world. This group is/has been diligently setting up shop to bring forward their new level gifts of service for those who are in need, or in preparation to make the transition.)
The ascension journey has literally taken us all the way to the cosmos and back, and yet we never had to go anywhere to find that the universe was inside us all along. And now it’s time for each of us to apply our inner-universe to the outer world…to effectively use every part of ourselves in our everyday lives…to be who we really authentically are, at all times…to practice what we metaphorically preach and to live by true example.
It’s easy as pie to exist in “love and light” in our heads and with our words, but bringing that energy into our heart, home & environment…body, mind & cells…work & purpose, and all our relationships (including and especially our relationship with self), is a whole other animal. For that reason it took the fiercest of warriors to go first… those with the purest, most unencumbered hearts and the clearest visions of what’s actually possible beyond that elusive veil of separation.
The second half of this year, we will all come to understand exactly how successful we’ve been in truly allowing “love & light” into every aspect of our body & lives. The proof of which is already steadily arriving as all our hard work is finally beginning to pay off.
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The Portal
From May 20th to June 20th, we have a very special opportunity to leave the world of (ego-dominated) duality behind….for good. May 20th heralds a rare solar eclipse alignment between the earth, moon, sun, the galactic core and our central Sun, Alcyone (one of the Seven Sisters of Pleiades!). The sisters consider this alignment to be the actual beginning of what they call “the one world being”.
[Section protected for Paid members only] I am hearing that the last several days we were being offered a bit of a breather…a chance to center ourselves, regain our fortitude, and take a very deep breath before we jump, heart first, into the unknown. I imagine this will be like that final push in labor when we are so exhausted that something deep within us must surface to take over, but by the time we reemerge on the other side, the sisters say that we will literally be taking our first breath as re-borns…as our true, authentic, new-human selves.
Physical Recalibration
Much of our focus so far this year has been on the physical…our bodies, our health, our new-level purpose & projects, our homes, environment, etc. All of those external things in our lives that are in need of final preparations have been consuming, but all of this restructuring is required to bring every aspect of our self and lives into alignment with the 5D experience…to align our inner-universe with our outer world. We are birthing both our physical selves and our new world simultaneously, and it is both liberating and startling.
The physicalization of our new, true lives is well underway, it has been since the March equinox period and will continue well beyond the solstice. We are only just beginning to witness the miraculous changes that will appear after the dust of this transition settles. The body, mind and soul must come into complete alignment which means those recent bouts of dizziness, FATIGUE, apathy, depression, body aches & pains, etc. can be attributed to this necessary biological recalibration.
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As always, the only thing required to do is BE. Allow, allow, allow… cuz ready or not here we go!
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Indian in the machine - A Sky Angel Pulls A Chemtrail

Well this video is timely. Last week we were heavily inundated with chemtrails and I posted some photos of them. At the time I was asking, where are the sylphs (sky spirits) or bennies (benevolent star beings in starships) when we need transmuting of these poisons? On Monday, it was another day of trails, and I took the old dog for a walk to the creek. I noted that in the sky , along with the chemtrails were whispy clouds next to the chemtrails, and one was shaped like a dragon. I watched awhile as they seemed to interact with the chemtrails. So I wondered, did the sylphs hear my calling and come to help ? Did they come anyway just to be kind to our area. Were they sylphs or chemclouds? Well this video was in my emails today and it seems to be timely. Now I feel that they were sylphs, my friend in Nelson took a photo that day of what she felt was a sylph next to the chemtrail. It was the same day I saw them out here in Salmo. So yes, I will be watching and calling for assistance on every spray day here and adding my gratitude to the sylphs for their assistance. Much love and thanks to Dieter for posting and making this video. Adonai

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Eclipse on Sunday~

Ah then, looks like my friends where I once dwelled, (Nevada City/Grass Valley) in Northern California will be right in the direct path of the eclipse! How special that is. Time to soak up those vibes.

5/17/2012 -- Texas 4.3M man made earthquake + Global earthquake overview

Q&A with Drunvalo

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

May 15 2012

~ Learning to Look Up! ~
Making Good Mistakes

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~ Re-minders from Home ~
From Steve:
Steve Rother
Steve Rother
In this message the group is showing us some of the adjustments we still have yet to make as we build a new world. Here they talked about a new paradigm where we learn to stop looking down to get an overview and learn to look up at what is directly coming at us. The most important ability humans have is the ability to adapt. In this channel they said that there will come a time when we stop teaching our children what is right or wrong, or even material that has right or wrong answers. We will, in fact, teach our children to make good mistakes.
Have a great month and know that you are loved.
Big hugs,
Big hugs,
Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.
Greetings from Home
The vibration that is in this room as we say those words is the vibration of Home, dear ones. When you hear those words, you anticipate what is coming next and you expect a miracle. The moment creators expect a miracle, they create a miracle. You have only to walk into it from this point forward. We find it very interesting that we begin this discussion about a birth, because both sides of the veil and both transitions – birth and death -- are incredibly important. On planet Earth, you fear the transition of death and yet you celebrate the transition of birth. There is nothing wrong with that, dear ones, just understand that we are on the other side of the veil doing exactly the opposite. For us the most difficult transition is that of birth, for it means a soul is pretending to be separate. But re-member the joy you have of celebrating a new birth, for that is exactly the joy that we are going through as we receive a new soul Home in the process you call death. As they return to us and we celebrate them Home, charge them and send them off on a new journey to collect more information.
Particle Stream Theory
Dear ones, this day we wish to talk about something that is very important for us for it is an actual change in your own perception. It is happening very slowly and we hope to give it a little push today by bringing it to your attention. We will show you how it fits into your world and how you have used it in the past. All of humanity is changing as you step into this next energy. The new world that you are currently building is a world of empowerment; it is the age of empowerment. That means a new level of responsibility to yourself, to your energies and to your gifts to bring them forward to planet Earth. Let us give you an illustration of what we are talking about this day, for it might help you to understand a simple particle stream. Consider the wonderful analogy of snowflakes. We will use that illustration, for it was only a short time ago that the Keeper and the Keeper’s Keeper were driving in Amsterdam in one of the largest snowstorms they had ever experienced. If you will put yourself in that car for a moment as you are driving through a snowstorm you will see an anomaly, which we wish to bring to your attention. The snow is falling from above, but as you are moving forward in a car it appears to come right at you. In fact, you can imagine that you are driving through a particle stream of snow that is constantly coming at you. We would like to take this analogy and use it toward your life, so we can show you different parts of this analogy as this particle stream comes in.

When you are very, very small, there are few particles in the particle stream. You only catch one in a great while. As you age, your conscious vibration raises which has the effect of making your particle stream larger in diameter and letting more particles in. Humans naturally relate this to time; this often gives humans the sense that time gets shorter as one ages.

There came a time not too long ago where you started expressing your creations. You started awakening from the dream and you were able to take one of these tubes of particles and re-direct it. You called that co-creation because the energy was coming in and you were simply directing it. You did not have to create the energy, but as creators, you directed the energy. You have learned to do this in different areas of your life, sometimes consciously and other times not.

There is a difference in the way you perceive things today. Go back to the particle stream idea for a moment. First, let us say that you have become very good at co-creation, or, directing the stream. Now your world changes as the car stops its forward motion. Previously the illusion has been that the particles have appeared to have been coming directly toward you as you drive, when actually they have been dropping straight down the entire time. It was the illusion of the forward motion of the car that made the particle stream appear as if it were coming at you. .

So, what happens? Let us consider one snowflake as an experience of some sort. Is that not what you came to Earth to do? Was that not why you are here? Are you not here to collect experiences and to bring Home your collection of your most meaningful, heartfelt experiences from Earth? Yes.
So you are having these experiences and each experience we can think of as a snowflake. Sometimes there are big snowflakes and sometimes there are little ones. The little ones you integrate very easily. Now assume there is 10-foot energy bubble around your body and we will simply call this your world. What happens when a particle enters your energy field and enters your world? Even the smallest particle alters your world. Once it gets into your field, you must change your field. It is very simple. You are now incorporating something that was not there before so you must naturally harmonize with this event in order to integrate it. What happens when something comes in? A big snowflake comes in and changes your world, and the first thing you do is you re-write your story to match your current circumstances. We never thought of that one, but you did. We think you are so interesting and fascinating. You basically change your story to include the new particles.

Every day as you age, you start receiving more and more particles and finding uses for each one of these pieces to anchor them in your world in some way. The challenge comes because all of humanity is moving very rapidly now. You are no longer taking baby steps. All of humanity is at a very brisk running pace now, moving toward these wonderful dates that used to be the end of the world. You are changing things with your own thoughts before you arrive there now and it is magical.
Overview Thinking
So, what happens with this particle stream and how can you use it? Here is what we tell you. You currently deal with every particle that enters your field. However, you have never thought about looking at it from a different perspective to determine where they are coming from and to anticipate what is ahead of you. Let us explain this a little bit differently. Now, the car is stopped and you have all these snowflakes coming down. What do you do when you have all these things come into your field? The first thing you try to do is to step back to see the big picture. What you are really doing is stepping up and looking down at the overview of everything. This has been the typical way that humans have evolved. Every time you see the big picture and something does not fit, you create a bigger picture and evolve your reality to match your circumstances. Now we are going to ask you to switch that around at least to some degree, for changing it completely will absolutely turn your lives upside down. But starting to play with planting these seeds ahead of time can be huge. How can you do it? It is actually a big shift, because it means re-thinking a lot of what you have thought before. If you are in the age of empowered humans, you cannot teach your children in school that this is right or this is wrong. You need to begin teaching children how to discover their own answers rather than telling them to collect data out of memory. To do that, many of your systems are going to have to change.

Many of you have walls that you have placed in front of you in order to protect you. These walls are not wrong or bad, but simply a normal human reaction. Now you will have to release the walls and take that step into authenticity, where you are who you are no matter what others think. Now, you are real and can make connections to these particles without worrying about it. Instead of reaching up to see the new view, you allow yourself to make good mistakes and to learn along the path. Each and every one of you drives cars. Do you think that the automobile worked the first time it was made? It had all kinds of problems, but humans love the automobile so much. It evolved, one thing led to the next and today you have very reliable automobiles. You do not even have to think about it or worry about all the details when you start up the car to go somewhere, because you have perfected automobiles over the years. That is what we are asking you to do now. Do not try to figure everything out, just watch the energies as they come toward you – each and every particle – and integrate each one by allowing yourself to be vulnerable…by dropping the protection and allowing yourself to just be you. Yes, it is easy for us to say because we have never had human bodies. We understand the difficulties you go through with this and we know this is not an easy piece that we suggest. However, every time that you can allow yourself to make a mistake and learn from it, you more forward. Even as we say the word ‘mistake’ there are many of you who have a hard time hearing that. You are not expected to be perfect, you are simply expected to strive toward perfection. The problem with having the perfect overview is you become attached to your overview. Instead, if you welcome every particle coming in and finding the highest spot for it, then you are allowing yourself to dance in the light even before it is here.
Changing the Story -- Learning to Look Up!
We ask you, dear ones, to look up instead of looking down. Learn to see that you are evolving creatures in an incredible place. Recognize that you do not have to be perfect and you do not have to be attached to your story, for that story is your identity. That story has been very important to each and every one of you; you have placed labels on it, put names on it, and you project that story. But that creates a gap between reality and what you believe your story to be. That gap is what blocks many creations and prevents people from moving forward. So, how do you do that? You dance in the light. You allow yourself to be a human and when you make mistakes, laugh at them. Have a good time with those mistakes, and teach your children to go out and make lots of good mistakes. When they come back with a big boo boo, you say, “That was a great mistake, honey. Go out and make some more. Try not to make the same one, but go out and collect more mistakes. Tell me how many mistakes you can make on planet Earth.” Now we have shifted the view from the top down to where we are now looking up. Now we are allowing ourselves to grow into our empowerment. That is where you are in your evolution right in this moment.

These times are incredible on planet Earth. Dear ones, you will be awakening many from the dream. It is why you are here at this moment. You have a piece for all of us. If we can put you in a situation in which you feel comfortable and confident, and where you are not scared, that information will come out and you will begin building heaven right here on Earth. It starts with just one particle.

Enjoy the snowflakes. Dance in the light. Next time a snowflake hits your face and melts right there, re-member this story and re-member to look up, because that is where all of you are heading. The change in your perception will instantly change your reality.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another each and every chance you get, and hold the door open for one another. Know it is a new game that you are playing and play well together.

The group
Connecting the Heart will return next month.

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