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Monday, 29 December 2014

PUNA LAVA FLOW - Wild Chickens Grubbing At The Lava Front

12/29/2014 -- Lava flow moving towards Marketplace -- Close up view + Color composite

Space Weather News for Dec. 29, 2014

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: The year is ending with an outbreak of auroras. Sky watchers around the Arctic Circle are seeing bright Northern Lights as Earth enters a stream of high-speed solar wind, causing G1-class storm conditions on Dec. 29th. Visit for images and updates.

BRIGHTENING COMET: The "Christmas Comet" C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) has continued to brighten, and now observers around the world are reporting seeing it with the unaided eye from dark-sky sites. Comet Lovejoy is a fine target for backyard telescopes, as shown on today's edition of

AURORA ALERTS are available from (text) and (voice).

The Mysterious Floating Orb

How to amuse your friends before serving hot mulled wine. ha ha ha ha ha


Simple fun thangs you too can do to amuse one self...

Bending Light Experiment = Wave, Space, Time

Christmas Meteor Fireballs Over Japan - Dec. 25, 2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Philip's mother Flo

My friend Philip in LA is his mother's caregiver, she lives with him at his home and she is now 96. Today he sent this current photo of ma and his 2 cats and I loved seeing that she is knitting while the cats rest peacefully with her. Love those family photos. Hee hee. Thanks for sharing Philip. Love Love

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Yours Truly

                                                                      Yours Truly
                                                       (or is that Yours Two ly. ? Ha ha) 
                                                     photo taken by Dieter Braun autumn 2014

Alfred Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS

Astrology for the Soul, December 23, 2014


Green Tea or Black Tea...contain toxic floride

gee my friend just informed me that both green tea and black teas  contain floride and that I would benefit more from drinking cacao or yerba mate etc . After reading about it I now concur. Gee whiz another of my healthy for you illusions busted. Here is a link so you too can read about it.

Nickelback - Lullaby


Monday, 22 December 2014

Space Weather News for Dec. 22, 2014

STRATOSPHERIC CLOUDS: Around the Arctic Circle, sky watchers are seeing fantastic colors--but it's not the aurora borealis. A rare outbreak of polar stratospheric clouds is underway over our planet's north polar region. These clouds, which are associated with the formation of ozone holes, float much higher than ordinary clouds and produce unforgettable colors during the hours around sunset. Visit for pictures and updates.

LAST-MINUTE CHRISTMAS GIFT: What do you give the sky watcher who has everything? How about a gift subscription to our Space Weather Alert Service? That's right, you can give auroras for Christmas! Signups and gift cards are available here: (text)

and here: (voice)

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ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

This video clip will have folks wondering...

Ionic Foot Bath for the holiday season...

Today I took some time out from my busy holiday schedule to have an ionic foot bath treatment. My friend is visiting me and he suggested I have one. It had been a long time since I did an ionic foot bath as my apparatus had worn out over the years and I have not replaced it. I forgot how relaxing and soothing and beneficial this treatment is . I sat quietly as the bath did the detoxing and watched as the clean waters got filled with toxic sludge, all coming from me. From the colors in my foot  bath water it seemed like my liver was releasing poisons and a waxy substance in the water seemed to indicate a petro chemical or even wax. There was such a dramatic expulsion of toxins in to the water at first it was as if my body was so wanting to release the gunk it was holding. I did two rounds and the second round of water was not as filled with sludge but it was still dirty with toxic wastes. I am going to sleep alot better tonight if this works as it did in the past , that is for certain. This has been such a reminder of what I used to incorporate in my world of detoxing. I highly recommend this ionic foot bathing and my friend has units available for sale on his website and for a really inexpensive price. He has a section on his website that explains how the ionic foot bath works, the benefits of it for overall health and the entire body system.
If you are interested in this healing product, you can go to his site at:
and look up ionic foot baths
Here are a few photos of yours truly experiencing her ionic foot bath this day. I am so grateful to Dieter that he got out his ionic foot plate and set me up for a treatment . What a gentle way to detox.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Space Weather News for Dec. 20, 2014

Solar activity is high. A pair of large sunspots is crossing the center of the solar disk, and both are crackling with flares. The strongest so far, an X1.8-class flare on Dec. 20th, caused a strong HF radio blackout over the South Pacific and might have hurled a CME toward Earth. Visit for more information and updates.

DON'T MISS THE NEXT FLARE: Real-time X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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[Official Video] Mary, Did You Know? - Pentatonix

thanks Oya la for this tune

Simon's Cat in 'Off to the Vet' - Vet Visit

Pot Barons Of Colorado | Season 1 Episode 2 | The Race to Aurora


12/19/2014 -- New Hawaii lava flow set to hit Pahoa Marketplace -- Evacuations underway

Passion - Inspirational video (ft. Will Smith, Randy Pausch)

Thanks Debbie this day for this inspirational clip.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


12/18/2014 -- M Class solar flare (M6) -- 2nd large flare in 24 hours

Food Rising Teaser

Dog Swims from washed away home to find his companion caregiver...Daisy the Doggy!

Patty Greer Music Video: Love Heals Everything

sacha stone - 60 seconds: Pt 1

sacha stone : 60 seconds - Pt 2

The Discovery of the Truth Has to Be Natural

Heaven and Earth Part 11 // November - December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Electric Universe: Birkeland currents & Mer-Ka-Ba science - Drunvalo Melchizedek

The December Beacons of Light~Steve Rother

Earth-Facing M8.7 Solar Flare - December 17, 2014


Astrology for the Soul December 17, 2014


The Mitbringsel boxes of goodies arrived safely at friend Philip's in LA and here is the box they came in , with his kitty having a nice snooze. Cats love boxes! And Philip will love his Mitsbringsel too.

Alien Egyptian Artifacts Discovered In Jerusalem [Video]

12/16/2014 -- AMAZING eruption + lava flow @ Cape Verde Fogo Volcano - 20ft tall moving WALL of lava


Four Years Later~BP Oil Spill

Thanks for this clip today Liz

Monday, 8 December 2014

Kitty Snooze Spots

Cats never cease to amuse me with their choices, (which always change ) of where to nap. Here are a few of my kitties latest ones.
 Gray Boy on the front room window ledge , occasionally you hear a big clunk and know he has fallen off in his sleep state .
 Gray Boy in the outdoor planter ...
 The latest spot of the week, Gray Boy and sister Cocoa Puff on top of the fridge, could it be the kitty cat treats that got them up there? Could be since some creature tore open the package for easier access.
 Oh I must pose as she has the camera out now
I guess I can open an eye to acknowledge her camera shot of us as I snooze in her basket which is meant to have other food items in it but this week apparently not.

12/08/2014 -- Falsely Flagged for 'violations' on Youtube AND Dailymotion

Let's get Doritos rainforest friendly!

I just signed a Doritos petition at to get the chip-maker to be rainforest friendly and I think you'd like to sign it as well. You can sign by visiting this link:

"For the bold" is the Doritos slogan, but you wouldn't think it from the parent company's tame response to the crisis in the rainforests where its palm oil comes from.Rainforests are being destroyed for massive palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia, where workers, and even children, are trapped in modern slavery to cultivate the vegetable oil. Here's that link again -- please sign and share the petition:

Thank you!

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Anita Goes to a Bar

Chevron Owes the Amazon peoples billions for years of blatant polluting

Chevron owes people living in the Amazon $9.5 billion for 28 years of deadly pollution. But the oil giant has used its immense wealth and influence to wriggle out of all responsibility. Now, we have a chance to make Chevron finally face justice.
Indigenous and farmer communities are taking their fight globally presenting their case to the International Criminal Court (ICC). While the international community is listening, it’s time to make Chevron pay once and for all. This is a true David and Goliath battle, and the Ecuadorians need all the international support they can get.
Will you join me in speaking out against Chevron's crimes?

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Malnourished Dogs for Sale at West Edmonton Mall

My Pet c/o West Edmonton Mall: Surrender Malnourished Dogs to the Humane Society

Kayla Christiansen
Edmonton, Canada
Please share this petition and help give a voice to these helpless puppies. 
While Christmas shopping in West Edmonton Mall, two shoppers happened past the pet store "My Pets" in phase 4 by the Scotiabank Movie Theater. In the window were two obviously unhealthy puppies up for sale. Both puppies were so skinny you could see their rib and hip bones. 
This petition is asking that the store, My Pet, to surrender the malnourished dogs to the Edmonton Humane Society and to stop selling puppies in their store.

Pet stores across the city have had adoption days supported by animal rescue societies and we would like My Pet to do the same. 
The person (or organization) who started this petition is not affiliated with did not create this petition and is not responsible for the petition content.

Monday, 1 December 2014

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

Published on Dec 1, 2014
Watch the Full Documentary Now!:
☜ and if that doesn't work u can go here at PlasmaBurns channel. I
suggest u download it b/c it's probably not going to be up long

of independent media and overly stringent copyright policies have
turned YouTube into an unfair ecology. As such, the video can be viewed
at the above link, right on our site.

Independent Media
Solidarity is a loose knit group of independent journalists that have
come together to tackle the issue of Sandy Hook. We are normal people
with normal lives, who have families, children, and jobs. Although many
of us haven't physically met each other, we are united. All we seek are
answers to the many inconsistencies. But most importantly, we just want
the truth made available to all who might seek it.

Over the past 2 years, efforts to explain and expose the Sandy Hook event may seem to have slowed down. We never slowed down.


December 2014 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris

Space Weather News for Dec. 1, 2014

EARLY GEMINIDS: Earth is entering a stream of debris from "rock comet" 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. The shower is not expected to peak until Dec. 14th, but NASA meteor cameras are detecting Geminid fireballs over the USA two weeks early. Visit for images and updates.

AURORA WATCH: A high-speed solar wind stream is buffeting Earth's magnetic field on Dec. 1-2. High-latitude sky watchers, especially those around the Arctic Circle, should be alert for auroras in the nights ahead. Geomagnetic storm alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of

Sunday, 30 November 2014

11/30/2014 -- NEW Hawaii Lava flow breaks out 3 miles North of Pahoa (10...

Common Law Revocation overturns RCMP, Kinder-Morgan

Thanks Liz for bringing my atttention to this clip .

Another UFO Sighting Near the International Space Station - November 28,...

11/30/2014 -- FALSE reports of "National Guard" setting fires in Ferguson Missouri

Health Tips ....

Thanks to Eceti New Earth News for this one....still chuckling....Here too is their link if you want to subscribe for all kinds of world news of the not mainstream kind...
Health Tips from 101 year-old:

Interview with 101 year-old Hattie Mae MacDonald of Feague, Kentucky:

Reporter: Can you give us some health tips for reaching the age of 101?

Hattie: For better digestion I drink beer. In the case of HattieMacDonald.jpgappetite loss I drink white wine. For low blood pressure I drink red wine. In the case of high blood pressure I drink scotch. And when I have a cold I drink schnapps.

Reporter: When do you drink water?

Hattie: I've never been that sick.


This is in Tennessee

The Zombie Nation goes Shopping Black Friday Stampedes

David Suzuki gives fiery speech on Burnaby Mountain to Kinder Morgan pro...

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Space Weather News for Nov. 29, 2014

NASA's AIM spacecraft has spotted electric-blue clouds forming over Antarctica. These are noctilucent clouds (NLCs) and their apparition marks the beginning of the 2014-2015 season for southern NLCs. By the second week of December, Antarctica could be blanketed in electric blue. Visit for more information and updates.

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of .

Save the Maasai and the Lions too

 Click here to share this campaign with your friends on Facebook.

With hope,
Kaytee, Fatah, Katherine, Angus, and the team at SumOfUs

Have you heard the exciting news? Just hours after 184,000 SumOfUs members called on Tanzania's President to commit to not evicting 40,000 Maasai from their land, President Jakaya Kikwete tweeted and pledged never to evict the Masai people.
Here's what he said:
There has never been, nor will there ever be, any plan by the government of Tanzania to evict the Maasai people from their ancestral land.
The promise is a massive breakthrough, but the Maasai's land is lucrative. Hunters want the land, and the Maasai will only feel safe when they have permanent right to their land in writing.
The Tanzanian government had plans to kick 40,000 Maasai people off their ancestral land to make way for a luxury big game hunting reserve. A section of the famous Serengeti plains, which teems with lions, leopards, elephants, wildebeest, zebra, and buffalo, was to be sold off to a Dubai-based company, the Ortelo Business Corporations, for a commercial hunting ground.
The Masaai have been fighting the commercialisation of their traditional land for decades. But now, President Jakaya Kikwete is listening. We managed to build enough power for him to tweet a pledge, but now we need him to take the next step to give the Maasai permanent rights to their land in writing. In order to get him to do that, I need you to join me in signing this petition
Thank you!
More information:
Tanzania's Masai 'breathe sigh of relief' after president vows never to evict them, The Guardian, November 26 2014
Tanzania accused of backtracking over sale of Maasai’s ancestral land, The Guardian, November 16 2014
Tanzania ditches plan to evict Masai for Serengeti 'wildlife corridor', The Guardian, October 7 2013
Masai face losing their homeland to hunters, The Times, November 19 2014

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Long Pepper Cure for Cancer Study
Long pepper (Piper longum), sometimes called Indian long pepper, is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. Long pepper has a similar, but hotter, taste to its close relative Piper nigrum - from which black, green and white pepper are obtained. The word pepper itself is derived from the Tamil/Malayalam word for long pepper, pippali.[1][2][3]
The fruit of the pepper consists of many minuscule fruits — each about the size of a poppy seed — embedded in the surface of a flower spike that closely resembles a hazel tree catkin. Like Piper nigrum, the fruits contain the alkaloid piperine, which contributes to their pungency. Another species of long pepper, Piper retrofractum, is native to Java, Indonesia. The fruits of this plant are often confused with chili peppers, which belong to the genus Capsicum , originally from the Americas.

Christmas Presence (Part 1 + 2!)

Oh were it only a silly Christmas Santa like this that the cat here knocked over last night. But alas, Gray Boy in his oafish clumsiness of getting down from the window ledge last night at 2 am,  knocked over a big basket loaded with essential oils for my soap making business. What was that crash ? I got up and to my dismay, discovered the mess on the floor. And so there I was , cleaning up geranium oil, 16 oz of it , and glass shards. Thankfully, it was the only bottle of several that did break. So that was last nights destruction.
And today's ? The big spider plant was next in line , it was on the floor when I got home from an outing this day. For now, it is in the bath tub, until I can relocate it , which in a small space such as hobbit house, may take me some while to figure out.
Life with cats...

11/28/2014 -- New video of Mount Aso erupting in South Japan -- First large blast in 22 years

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Geoengineering: Thanksgiving Nor'easter 11-26-14

Tainted Federal Judge ~Big Island Hawaii

Great New and Free Music this day from A Tribe Called Red!

Hi friends!
It’s been quite a few months since our last message, so we’re pretty happy to reconnect., bring you some news and some free music too!
First, we were really happy to been asked to remix one of our favourite Canadian band: STARS. Their new single, From The Night, was a treat to work with and you can download our remix for free here:
On this fourth Thursday of November, you might ask yourself: do Indians celebrate Thanksgiving? Well… Thanksgiving is a complicated holiday for Native people. In a way, each day is a day of thanksgiving to the Creator for the original people of Turtle Island. This doesn't mean that we don't enjoy turkey, pie and family as much as the next person, but at the same time the Thanksgiving myth largely shared in mainstream culture perpetuates a one sided view of a complicated history surrounding this holiday. Here’s an informed indigenous view on Thanksgiving:
This doesn’t prevent us from “celebrating” in our own way by giving you a new song called Burn Your Village To The Ground. You got it here first and don’t hesitate to share widely!
STREAM & DOWNLOAD our “thanksgiving gift”
While we’re talking about gifts, as the winter creeps on, we thought we should remind you we got some hoodies in our online store that can really be helpful and keep you warm. Get them at
That’s it for this newsletter. We’re getting back in the studio working on the next album!

Connect on Facebookon Twitter  -- share the first album with your friends

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Just for fun...

Sometimes a person has a photo taken with them in it and they don't especially like how they look in said photo. So they don't post it or show it to others. Tonight after viewing some of what is going on in our world, all the corruption being so exposed now for all to see who have the awareness to that is, I got to feeling like I wanted to view a few photos from the last few weeks before winter set in to lift my spirit up before retiring with a good book for the night.   In some I do not look at all that great , but...because I love or like the folks in some of the photos I thought I would post them, regardless  At this stage of the game I don't really care that much if my photo is not that hot. I was having alot of fun with others and that is what mattered.  And so it is. 
 Me, Wil De Clercq and Zak, in my hometown this Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Sept. 2014 at the Duck
 A renowned and excellent musician, Jack de Keyzer  me and Wil deClercq at the Duck. That Jack could really play and sing! It was a great show.
 Me and Jedar the space doggy and James Gilliland , another brave pioneer on our planet at Eceti October 2014
Michael O'Malley, my bestest friend growing up, Kim O'Malley's youngest brother, it was a blast to see him after a whole lotta years ...Mike knew right off that the peace sign at the corner drawn in chalk had been done by yours truly. Heh heh
 Kim O'Malley, yours truly and her gorgeous daughter Darcy, guess I had my Christmas colours on early that party night.

James Gilliland~Life on the Run

Life on the Run
Most of you know I have been traveling. There have been multiple reasons for this travel. One is due to much needed dentistry with a molar being removed and two crowns, the other is due to health challenges where I could not get the help I needed in the states. I experienced some incredible healing technologies some of which are very basic others banned in the US. The Papimi machine was one device which puts out a massive electromagnetic pulse zapping any unwanted little creatures that have been raining down on us in the chemtrails. We will be discussing these new technologies on the next As You Wish Talk Radio show, 8PM PST. The chemtrails have been causing all kinds of problems from skin rashes, liver and kidney overload, and in extreme cases death. Whether or not they exist is not an argument, what is in them is also not an argument, the toxic effects again have no argument. Who and why they are doing it is debatable, yet the effects are not. It is called genocide not just with humans but with nature herself. The aluminum oxide blocks the uptake of water and nutrients in plants and trees which is one reason our forests are in such dire straights. It is also the reason most of your gardens did not yield anything normal. The water is also being poisoned killing the insect larva a necessary food source for fish. This short sighted slide of hand program has many duped into believing it is for our own good. In case you have not noticed global warming is a myth the overall temperatures are down. So why are they still spraying?
One of the purposes of my travels is to gather new technologies that work both in the healing world and free energy. I have been very successful in both counts. At this point in time due to the nature of the present guberment it is highly unlikely these new technologies will come out in the US. There are many countries such as Mexico, China, Brazil, Russia and a few others that support these technologies. Without a complete overhaul of the present US guberment clean, free energy and the cures for most diseases will continue to be vehemently opposed. In some cases as in the past with deadly force. This has been the case in my own experience. I wear many hats some people are not aware of and some of these hats are worn behind the scenes and have severe consequences. This is one of the reasons I went to Mexico to deal with the consequences.
There are times I wish I could just settle down and live a peaceful life yet there is still far to much work to do. I do however feel that time is close. Things are rapidly changing. Eventually we will be living under universal law. Universal Peace, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All, Brother/Sisterly Love are all coming forward. These principles are being pressed down on high and eventually will take root. Heaven is coming to Earth. I wish I could tell you everything yet it is to early. I will say everything is in place and unfolding towards these goals. It is time to ride the wave, release the past, open your hearts once again and act with impeccable integrity. All are equally important and we need all of you to make this happen. Be well,
James Gilliland

Kevin Annett: Pope meets secretly with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup

This is a very informative clip that talks about the current genocide of the plains indians in our country by aerially systematically killing off herds of elk in Manitoba , the current non violent folks protesting the Kinder Morgan oil line thru the mountain on our coast who are getting arrested by the rcmp for nothing illegal. Lots of info in this clip. Alfred does such humanitarian work for the planet and for the innocents everywhere. What a bright light and intelligent and very brave man he is .

11/26/2014 -- My hometown, Ferguson Missouri is DESTROYED -- Opinion and Commentary ~Dutch Sinse

Published on Nov 26, 2014
message to the main stream media, police, law enforcement, government
(local , state, and national).... also to my viewers, protesters, and
even the lawless rioters :

As most of my viewers know by now, I
grew up in Ferguson, and live in St. Louis -- and they know I'm
extremely concerned with the police state problems we've been seeing
GROW in the United States over the past several years.

I've been
smeared across the world by "big brother" , main stream media, and even
shills online who cannot stand the information I bring to the table. In
the past I've covered controversial topics like weather modification,
and false flag attacks (LAX, boston bombing, Ottawa parliament, Rogers
Retribution, Sandy Hook etc)

Being someone who has been an
outspoken critic of this developing "new world order" police
aggressiveness , now I speak to my so-called peers...... protesters who
are upset with the system.... people who do NOT want to hear about any
more people being shot by police over petty things.

blacks, hispanics, asians, and several other races have been on the
receiving end of serious wrongdoing by police over the past few years.

military vehicles, over armed police, NSA spying, government
encroachment upon our rights ... all signs of a developing police state.

we have out of control mobs on the streets , destroying things,
stealing things, and being generally lawless.... doing these things
under the banner of being "protesters" demanding some kind of "justice".

LOSE the right to peaceful assembly for justice, when your assembly is
not peaceful and committing unjust acts against fellow citizens.

called rioting when its midnight, and the group is mixed with people
who are looting, burning, throwing things, and shooting guns... this not
'protesting' !

Protesting at midnight in a burned out
neighborhood destroyed by rioters multiple times? Protesting on South
Grand where its mom + pop shops along with racially diverse people??

DESTROYING shops on South Grand? huh?

Out of control mob screaming something about "democracy"?

They're out pushing "democracy"... er.. MOBocracy...

don't realize we're not a democracy, we're a republic who elects
LEADERS democratically... but our laws are made by people who are
supposed to sometimes DEFY the will of the people to protect the rights
of even 1 person.

Democracy is 51% vs. 49%... i.e.. MOB rule.

Democracy is how witch hunts begin. No joke. A mob "votes" to do something, and if the majority say yes, they do it.

If you disagree with the voting mob majority, they kill you or ignore you.

Democracy is not freedom, its rule by a majority over a minority.

How is that good?!

when they're out there screaming THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE...
they're right. A mob denying evidence , while destroying things, and
demanding somekind of unattainable "justice" for Mike Brown, who tried
to grab a cops gun!