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Thursday, 30 April 2015

2015 IS STRANGE Part 4 // APRIL

Space Weather News for April 30, 2015

DEEP QUIET: Everyone knows that high solar activity has a profound effect on the space around Earth. Less well known is that *low* solar activity can be equally transformative. This week, the sun is plunging into a quiet state with almost no sunspots and a vanishing chance of flares. Find out what this means on today's edition of

OTHER STORIES we are following on today: (1) A 10,000 km-long plume of sulfurous gas from Chile's Calbuco volcano is now crossing the Atlantic Ocean en route to Africa; and (2) On April 28th, microbes sent to the edge of space to test their response to cosmic radiation crash-landed in the California desert--and it did not go well for the microbes.

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CERN: Opening the Abyss

6.7 Earth Quake/CERN/ Record Power.

4/30/2015 -- Large Earthquake ALERT -- 6.9M (6.8M revised) Strikes W. Pacific Forecast Area DIRECTLY

Meteor Exploded Over Ireland with Force of An Atomic Bomb

4/30/2015 -- New 1.5 mile wide Island growing from the sea @ Nishinoshima Volcano in Japan

Help Nepalese thru Avaaz

Dear friends,

Whole hills swept down over the beautiful and delicate rural villages of Nepal on Saturday. Thousands were crushed, more are missing and the country is crying out for water, food, and shelter. It’s devastating and in the middle of it all this one brave local organisation, Abari, is using everything they have to put up tents in the hardest hit remote areas.

Aid experts say before the disaster they were doing some of the most impactful work in the country, and that they’re one of the best ways to get crucial aid to rural communities fast. That’s because this is their home.   

We can make all the difference for this incredible group, and many others across Nepal, literally multiplying their relief budgets by 10, empowering them to build for the long term and keeping their emergency work funded in hard-to-reach places.

And by donating to local leaders ready for the hard years of rebuilding to come, we'll plant the seeds of hope for a sustainable and safe future in Nepal’s poorest villages.

Click below to pledge now and Avaaz will only process our donations if we raise enough to change the game for local heroes:

Nepal has a bad reputation for inefficiency and corruption, and its government is divided. That's why Nepal's vibrant civil society is likely to bring the most effective, life-saving support for many citizens.

Abari, and many organisations like them in Nepal, have been at work in some of the worst hit regions building water tanks and housing, and making the connections aid workers need to navigate the remote areas and bypass corruption. The best part is that they are set up to take international donations directly right now.

Big international aid organisations have used established systems to mobilise money and expertise fast to meet this emergency, while local groups are improvising to respond to the vast needs. Supporting such groups can be riskier, but with that risk comes the possibility of a huge reward. When a cyclone hit Burma in 2008, our community raised two million dollars that was smuggled in through a network of monks working outside of the corrupt government system. For some, this bold tactic led to the only life-saving aid they ever saw.

We have the chance to do that again in Nepal. Click below to join in and Avaaz will collect and distribute our donations as soon as we raise enough to make a big difference for these inspiring local heroes:

Our movement was designed to break through bureaucracies and deliver hope directly. When disaster struck Burma and then again when it struck Haiti, the Avaaz Community opened our hearts and pledged millions to help people on the ground to get money to those most in need. Our common humanity united us to stand together in those times of greatest need. Now we can come together again to provide the Nepalese people with the urgent support to survive this horror.

With hope and determination,

Emma, Alex, Allison, Laila, Oli, Alaphia, Rowena, Mais and the rest of the team.


Nepal’s relief effort must reach the rural poor (Globe and Mail)

Nepal earthquake: authorities struggle to cope despite international aid efforts (The Guardian)

Villages Near Nepal Earthquake’s Epicenter Are Desperate (NY Times)

Nepal earthquake: Relief starts reaching remote villages (BBC)

Abari Adobe and Bamboo Research Institute is a 41-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

SB277 Mandatory Vax Bill Passes Senate Again- Lobbyists Behind It

Wowzer!!...The Sun = Thank God, Note Correction

Space Station Cargo Ship Out of Control.

4/29/2015 -- Hawaii Volcano Alert -- Kilauea lava lake COMPLETELY overflows

Searching for a Life Partner ~ Mooji

Mooji's Advice to Everybody

The "Armageddon Shot" | Supercell Stuns

4/28/2015 -- West Coast Volcanic Plumes in Nevada -- Dormant buttes vent -- Seen on RADAR

Super Solar Coronal Mass Ejection

New dinosaur remains found in Chile~Plant Eating Dino

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What Happened to Ukraine's Gold?

Here is an interesting link that Liz sent as well as a commentary that Lauren Moret made about it. All rings truth somehow. 

+smartknowledgeu Thank you for your knowledge and efforts to educate and empower people.  I am a geoscientist [] and have been investigating the global power structure since 2000 by following nuclear weapons/technologies through my experience in two nuclear weapons labs - and one day I googled [Univ of Calif. + Skull and Bones].  It took me down a rabbit hole I am still in, and it took me directly to the international financiers.  The WMD's exist for the financiers.  When the Malaysian MH370 false flag occurred in March, I had an opportunity to fully investigate that event, and since that time in March, I have followed the trail of world wars, overthrows, false flags, nuclear technologies, Dept of Energy, GMO/Cargill, Dutch East India and British East India companies, Dope Inc., depleted uranium etc etc and it finally exposed the Jesuits who are just the corporate rebranding in the 1500s of the Knights Templar and the Crusades starting  in about 1100.  The Jesuits and the Vatican are driving the global disaster we are seeing with horror rolling out before our eyes.  The Jesuits are NOT a religion and they are not under the Vatican.  They are a military organization disguised as part of the Catholic church, and formed by Ignacio Loyola in Spain with funding by Francis Borgia, from the infamous Borgia family - both were Sephardic Jews who had converted to Catholicism, called Marrano's or Converso's.  The Jesuits were spread around the world first by Vasco De Gama (Africa and Goa, India colony) and other Portuguese explorers who took them to Vietnam, Nagasaki Japan, China, etc.  The Jesuits have systematically established themselves in countries around the world and destroyed them in a very short time - by stealing all of the money, resources, gold, always destroying the environment and genociding the people. The Ukraine is just another one of their rollouts.  The Jesuits are known by symbols such as the Knights Templar red cross, the Masonic orders, and secret Babylonian satanic beliefs and other perverted practices.  The fingerprint of the Jesuits control of the world today can be seen by their control over Rothschilds, banking, Royal families, former Hapsburg empire, weapons of mass destruction (source of the nuclear bomb programs), Chernobyl and Fukushima used to bring about transformations in global banking/economies, and many many other very destructive things the world is suffering through. The Ukraine MH17 downing was also a product of the Jesuits with signs and symbols indicating so.  Just Google the names of key figures and disasters in the world today as well as yesterday, and then add Jesuit to the request before you hit the search button.  The US is now being collapsed and liquidated, and no wonder - the US President is Jesuit trained as well as: over 10% of US Congress, Homeland Security is the Jesuit gestapo - Col. Tom Ridge/Chertoff/ Janet Napolitano, Pope Francis (first Jesuit Pope), and many many many other key figures in all walks of life.  They are running and ruining the world today, and until people understand how the world really works they will be carried along for the bumpy ride that takes us into a hell that is destroying humanity and all living things.  Thanks for your information and you are right about who took the gold - US State Dept. Victoria Neuland set it up with PM Yetsanyuk (she "appointed" as PM of Ukraine).  He was sworn in on Feb. 27, and he transferred the gold to special ops on the night of March 5, flew the gold to NYC, and on March 6 Yetsanyuk was in the White House meeting and glad handing Pres. Obama as they sealed the Ukraine gold deal, and Mr.10% Yetsanyuk left the US the next day a much richer man.  The gold was taken to JPMorgan in NYC and probably ended up in the Federal Reserve or it covered the $5 billion Victoria Neuland boasted that the US govt. spent on the regime change transitioning from Yankovitch to Poroshenko.  The Ukraine is now controlled by eastern European satanic Jews working for the oligarchs who work for the Jesuits.  Confucious said something about signs and symbols rule the world... and he was right.  Putin is the only sane and responsible world leader, thank goodness he has the guts, the nuclear weapons, and the smart men around him as advisors to do what he is doing.  He also wisely said that the NWO will never work.  


Baltimore Uprising: Fans Blocked from Orioles Game and Friday Live Stream

Astrology for the Soul, April 28, 2015

Solar Insanity! | Superflare Stuns

5,000 Troops Dispatched to Baltimore (Superman arrrives as well)

Massive hail storm in Vrindavan, India April 3, 2015

Giant Hail Crushes Windshield of Car | Unreal!

Sun sheds a layer | 'Hyder Flare' rips solar atmosphere

Only On UFODI.. Hundreds Of UFOs Flying Drastically Over Astana Kazakhstan

California Drought Update April 28, 2015, Hawaii Low Destroyed

4/28/2015 -- New Blast at Mount Sinabung in Indonesia burns down Village...

11th hour miracle

    Petition Update

    11th hour miracle

    church response
    Apr 28, 2015 — BREAKING: Human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso is spared from execution.

    Miracles happen when people choose to stand for justice. We would like to thank you all signing our petition and to everyone who worked to #SaveMaryJane.

    More than 182,000 people across the world, including you, helped save a life. Together we showed strong international pressure even when we were against all odds. We proved that when we come together, anything is possible. Tweet about it, share it to your friends and tell the story of this incredible impact that you just made.

    We would also like to thank all our Indonesian religious partners who exerted effort in bringing the voluminous copy of the petition with thousands of signatories directly to Pres. Jokowi.



    Nardy Sabino
    Church Task Force to Save Mary Jane
    Indonesian Pres. Joko Widodo @jokowi_do2 : Save the Life of human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso
    Indonesian Pres. Joko Widodo @jokowi_do2 : Save the Life of human trafficking victim Mary Jane Veloso
    We, the undersigned, concerned citizens from the Philippines as well as supporters from around the world, appeal for clemency and pardon for Mary Jane Veloso, sentenced to death by firing squad in...

  • Twitter



Special Opportunity

If you live in Oregon or Washington....

Two nights for the price of one and meals provided in exchange for 10 hours of Volunteer Work
 Weekend includes SkyWatch, Group Clearing and Star Family Initiation Circle by James
 Space is limited so please call 509-395-2092 to apply
Aloha! It's going to be a powerful season at ECETI and the Stargate is getting ready to ramp up to an entirely new frequency. We're doing a "soft opening" this coming weekend May 1st and we're doing a shout out to invite you to join us if you're interested in coming to ECETI on a mini working vacation.
We'll provide two nights accommodation and meals (vegetarian and omnivore) for a donation of one night's accommodation if you're willing to help out for a total of 10 hours during your stay. (rooms are $65 per night and campsites $25 per night)
 We are looking for individuals who get along easily with others, can follow direction, are willing to get their hands dirty and pitch in with the following tasks:

Assisting with building outdoor kitchen (under guidance of A.R. Building Guru)
Cleaning Ranch Tipi for ceremonies this summer
Preparing seedlings for Garden
Tilling and Weeding Garden Beds and Strawberry Beds
Cleaning Chairs for SkyWatch Field
Walking the Property for general clean up
Cleaning out Conference Center
Cleaning and Organizing Green House
Cleaning and Organizing Tool Shed
Cleaning and Organizing Bookstore and Meditation Room
Cleaning and preparing Guest Rooms
As a Special Treat for those who are Volunteering, James will also do a Group Clearing and Group Star Family Initiation Circle during the weekend. We'll also have a bonfire at night and musical jam session - so bring your instruments. And of course there will be SkyWatching in SkyWatch Field.
You can arrive as early as Thursday April 30th and depart as late as Monday May 4th. Group Clearing and Star Family Initiation will take place on Friday and Saturday nights. SkyWatch will take place on Friday and Saturday nights. For every night paid and 10 hours Volunteering you will receive a second night free during this weekend only. Any questions please call 509-395-2092.
Mt Adams From ECETI Ranch
 Please note - We have been given strong guidance by Cazekiel and Bacal and our Star Family to protect the Stargate this year as the frequencies are in the process of recalibrating to an even higher vibration. Therefore, although we honor free will when it comes to the use of recreational or medical marijuana we ask you to honor the Ranch's policy of being a Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone. This is crucial to prevent the diversion of energy from supporting the Stargate to clearing the entities that use the openings of artificially altered states to infiltrate the Stargate. If you are not comfortable with our policy we honor you and wish you well in locating a retreat center more in alignment with your beliefs. ECETI reserves the right to remove volunteers or guests who do not adhere to our Marijuana, Drug and Alcohol Free Zone policy from the property and all funds paid for workshops or accommodations will be forfeited for non-adherence to this policy. Namaste
 REMEMBER: Space is limited so please call 509-395-2092 to apply

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Giant 'Eye' on Sun | 40,000 mile tall 'Vortex Wall of Twisters'

Earthquake Alert: Nepal Disaster, Half the US Faces Quake Risk, Californ...

My Body, My Choice! Why is vaccine coercion pushed by progressives?

7.8 Quake Strikes as CERN Powers Up Beams

The Countdown has begun to the ITNJ

Google Exec Killed In Mt. Everest Avalanche Caused by 7.8 Nepal Earthquake

4/25/2015 -- North Japan ALERT -- Land RISES 50 feet (1000 feet long) OV...


Volcanic cloud looks like ZEUS! | "Godlike' plume stuns | Gravity waves ...

Saturday, 25 April 2015

4/25/2015 -- Nepal 7.8 Magnitude opens Fissures in the ground -- RAW video

Robbie Robertson - Somewhere Down The Crazy River

2015 New AARP Commercial Announces Martial Law Declared!

Talk about not so subliminal programming going on in this ad...

What Happened to Carly Fleischmann?

Heads Up! 133 TARGET Stores Close In Canada, Operation Maple Resolve Begins

Interesting speculations going on regarding Wal Mart in the USA and the closure of Targets in Canada etc...

Nepal Rocked by 7.8 Earthquake, Over 1000 Dead and Many More Missing

7.8 Quake Strikes as CERN Powers Up Beams

One of the World's Most Polluted Birds

Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Friday, 24 April 2015



Statue of Liberty Evacuated After Suspicious Package Discovered

4/23/2015 -- SECOND Yellowstone Magma chamber found -- MUCH BIGGER (11,500 cubic miles)

Meteorology Challenge: California

CERN/Beam 2 Spirals/Dumped

4/24/2015 -- Lava Levels INCREASING at Kilauea Volcano lava lake in Hawaii

4/24/2015 -- West Coast Earthquake Unrest -- 6.2M strikes Vancouver BC in forecast area

HGTV "You Live in What?" with HofArc

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Jimi Hendrix Fillmore East 31-12-1969 "FIRE"

Nickelback - Savin' Me

Drought Crisis: 40 out of 50 States Expected to See Water Shortages Within 10 Years

1st Mass Produced Floating Nuclear Plants to Power Russian Arctic In 2016

This is just nuts

Jade Helm: Train Hauling Massive Military Equipment Heading West of San Antonio Texas

4/23/2015 -- AMAZING Night Eruption of Calbuco Volcano in Chile -- Lava, Ash, and Lightning

You Be the One that Wins Your Self Back

Space Weather News for April 23, 2015

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile erupted yesterday. Two blasts in 24 hours on April 22nd sent plumes of ash and sulfurous gas shooting at least 33,000 feet high. One of the eruptions occured at night and put on a spectacular display of rare and mysterious volcanic lightning. Visit for a picture of the lightning and a discussion of its underlying physics.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

NSA Whistleblower: We've Been Lied To And Kept In The Dark

Getting in to how we think. Another interesting clip courtesy of Liz.

Piano Lesson from Hell with Frau Klavier

American Soldiers Are Waking Up

Another interesting clip courtesy of Liz in LA.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Doomsday Video (HBO)

WALMART..MUST SEE!!!....Truth on Closings// Actual Factual !!

The Essential Key of Intention - Matt Kahn/


4/20/2015 -- EU building FIVE new "HAARP type" arrays -- 50,000 antennas called EISCAT 3D

4/20/2015 -- MULTIPLE Large Earthquakes -- Taiwan multiple events 6.6M ,6.5M + 6.2M (forecast hit)

How I began forecasting earthquakes -- 3/9/2011 -- 7.2M in Japan, 2 days BEFORE the megaquake

Space Weather News for April 20, 2015

High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras this week when a solar wind stream and a faint CME are expected to hit Earth's magnetic field in quick succession. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% to 65% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on April 21-22.

At the same time, Earth will be passing through a stream of debris from Comet Thatcher, source of the annual Lyrid meteor shower. Sky watchers are already seeing a smattering of late-night fireballs as Earth approaches the diffuse core of the debris stream. Meteor rates are expected to crest on April 22-23 with as many as 20 Lyrids per hour.

Visit for updates and observing tips.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Eceti Conference in July ...

Here is a link for this year's conference at Eceti July 4th 2015

Friday, 10 April 2015

Meteorologist Community Proving Cowardice


Leuren Moret: Antichrist in Greece. Depopulation in USA. Putin's role-Collapse Western economy

4/10/2015 -- Teams deploy across Yellowstone -- Taking underground RADAR measurements


Thanks to Liz for sending this clip which Dutch comments below the clip

Space Weather News for April 10, 2015

On Friday, April 10th, a G2-class geomagnetic storm erupted. Northern Lights spilled across the Canadian border into the USA, where auroras were photographed as far south as Colorado. At the time of this alert, storm conditions are still underway with a possibility for more storming when a belated CME arrives later in the day. Visit for more information and updates.

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Hobbit House has a newly painted kitchen...

I have not posted much recently to do with my own life here in Salmo BC. Recently I had my kitchen painted and new hardware put on the old cupboards, as well as a new over head track light and some cracks in wall and ceiling repaired and wainscot put up on the walls which I had envisioned the few years I have been here  now, in year 6. And new windows too.  The process was done by an old friend of mine who lived here for the 3 weeks it took to do it all. While they worked on the kitchen, I made soap in my studio for the markets which start up again mid May. Here are a few photos that I took to show some friends who wanted to see the changes.Now that the changes are done I would some day like for phase 2 to happen, which would be darker flooring , new fridge and stove and table and chair set. For now , will make do until more cash flows my way. And yes Gray Boy the cat is snoozing on the kitchen table , some things never change. LOL

Friday, 3 April 2015

April 2015 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris

Canadian Banker whistleblower Marcia Pavlis: Morgellons was released by US government as a bioweapon

The woman being interviewed in this clip lives close to my area in Nakusp BC.

Leuren Moret: Jesuit-controlled Obama/US authorize nuclear attack on Donetsk [Ukraine]

EXPERT PANEL: Forced Adult vaccinations are component of extermination program. Refuse all vaccines

New York International Auto Show: Elio Motors Press Conference

Indiana Pizza Place Refuses Gays, Gets $200K in Crowdfunding

Going Clear with Scientology Member Turned Whistleblower Tom Devocht

Space Weather News for April 3, 2015

LUNAR ECLIPSE: Sky watchers on the Pacific side of Earth can see a brief but beautiful lunar eclipse on Saturday morning, April 4th. The Moon will turn red, and possibly turquoise, too, as the lunar disk passes through the shadow of our planet. Totality lasts for less than 5 minutes, so it is important to be outside at the right moment. Check for viewing times and more information.

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LUNAR ECLIPSE: Sky watchers on the Pacific side of Earth can see a brief but beautiful lunar eclipse on Saturday morning, April 4th. The Moon will turn red, and possibly turquoise, too, as the lunar disk passes through the shadow of our planet. Totality lasts for less than 5 minutes, so it is important to be outside at the right moment. Check for viewing times and more information.

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