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Friday, 2 June 2017



Published on Jun 2, 2017
Ives and Don Henry, both 17, crushed by a train, August 23, 1987. Their
deaths were ruled accidental, with the medical examiner saying they had
fallen asleep on a railroad line after smoking marijuana, but a grand
jury found they had been murdered before being placed on the tracks.
They had allegedly stumbled on a plot to smuggle drugs and guns from an
airport in Mena, Arkansas that Bill Clinton was said to be involved in
as state governor.

Victor Raiser, 53, small plane crash, July 30,
1992. The second finance co-chair of Bill Clinton's presidential
campaign was killed along with his son during a fishing vacation in
Alaska. Campaign press secretary Dee Dee Myers called Raiser a major
player in the organization.

Paul Tully, 48, apparent heart
attack, September 25, 1992. A chain-smoking, heavy drinking political
consultant who weighed in at more than 320 lb. Tully died seven weeks
before Clinton's first presidential election win. He had been political
director of the DNC during Clinton's rise. Tully was on the left of the
Democratic Party and usually worked for those who shared his views,
however he agreed to work for Clinton because he was impressed with his

Willey, 60, was having serious money problems and his
wife, a volunteer aide in the White House, agreedecurity to ask Bill
Clinton for a paid job. Their meeting ended when Clinton allegedly
forced himself on her in the Oval Office, kissing her, fondling her
breast and pushing her hand on to his genitals.

Four years later
Kathleen Willey wrote a book in which she put forward a theory that the
Clintons may have had her husband murdered. She said after his death, a
friend had told her that Ed had confided that he took briefcases full of
cash to the Clintons' base in Little Rock, Arkansas during Bill's first
presidential campaign.
Herschel Friday, 70, small plane crash, March
1, 1994. Friday was an Arkansas lawyer who Richard Nixon had once
considered for the Supreme Court. Friday was known as a benefactor of
Bill Clinton, serving on his campaign finance committee.
Ferguson, 37, gun suicide, May 11, 1994. She was the ex-wife of Arkansas
State Trooper Danny Ferguson, who was named in a sexual harassment suit
brought by Paula Jones against Bill Clinton. Ferguson left a note
blaming problems with her fiancé, Bill Shelton. A month later Shelton,
upset about the suicide verdict, killed himself.

Ron Brown, 54,
plane crash, April 3, 1996. Brown was chair of the Democratic National
Committee during Bill Clinton's rise to the presidential nomination and
was rewarded with the cabinet position. He was under a corruption
investigation when his plane slammed into a mountainside in Croatia.
Doctors who examined his body found a circular wound on the top of his
head which led to suspicions that he had died before the plane crashed,
but that theory was later discounted. The crash was attributed to pilot

Charles Meissner, 56, same plane crash as Brown. Meissner
was assistant secretary for international trade and had been criticized
for allegedly giving special security clearance to John Huang, who later
pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges for violating campaign
finance laws, in a case that enmeshed the Clinton administration.

Ashe, 61, a politician and former president of the United Nations
General Assembly, was pumping iron at his home in Dobbs Ferry, New York
on June 22 when he dropped the weight. He died from 'traumatic
asphyxiation. Ashe was about to stand trial in a corruption case for
allegedly receiving $500,000 from billionaire real estate developer Ng
Lap Seng. Ng was involved in a fundraising scandal and named in a 1998
Senate report for illegally funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars
to the DNC during Bill Clinton's presidency. 'During the trial, the
prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would
have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed,' The New
York Post reported.

Joe Montano, a former DNC Chairman with
in-depth knowledge of Hillary Clinton's campaign, has also been named as
on the unofficial list after he died from what authorities say was a
heart attack on July 25 - the day the DNC started.

Seth Conrad Rich, who was the Operations Director for Voter Expansion for the DNC, was found murdered on July 10.

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