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Sunday, 22 April 2018

May Peace and Love Prevail on Earth~Earth Day 2018

On closing the blog down for now or perhaps forever I want this wonderful painting /carving done by Stan Padilla which is called the Peace Angel to shine down on all who see this post and  may Peace and Love prevail on Earth! Eh Ma Ho!

Seasons Come and Seasons Go...

Today ...Earth Day...the squirrel house and the two ledges for bird and squirrel feeding zones got securely attached to the old (1957) lilac tree out front of the house here. So...this spring /summer will find me bird and squirrel watching. 
As the world wobbles on her new tilt, and seasons come and go, I will watch it all go by. It has been interesting blogging and now it feels like it is time to take a break ...lots of interesting sites posted in the past so if you want to keep on reading them go right ahead...thanks to any of you who came here for reading material, I loved posting for others who did not have the same amt. of time to research . Have a wonderful spring and summer and feed the critters....the wingeds, the four leggeds, and any one you can who is in need. 

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